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Slip-Ons of Vans (9)

The Slip On is skate cult

The Vans Slip On was developed in 1976 as model "#44" in collaboration with skateboarders and BMX riders in California. The SoCal youth in particular loved the simple structure of these low top canvas shoes, with their famous "no slip" waffle sole. This sole made of a rubber-honeycomb structure provides an enormous amount of grip and is perfect for your epic skating adventures!

Vans for everybody and forever – whether you love punk, emo or house (or none of it)

The sneaker has not really changed much since the 70s. The original pattern - black and white checks - is still as "in" as it was then. The Slip On has managed to make a name for itself amongst skaters and is now also popular as a lifestyle shoe for the young and old alike. Especially in the punk and emo culture, but also in the house music scene, this shoe has proved to be an ever-rising trend, making it the perfect complement to your own street style . Of course, the Slip On is a big part of the brand, but there are also many other Vans highlights, such as:

Vans remain true to their motto – Off The Wall!

“Off The Wall” is this famous label’s slogan. More recent designs of the classic Slip On model have never failed to surprise with their cool colours, unusual materials and band collaborations with groups such as Metallica and Iron Maiden. What never changes however, is the Vans image - it remains as rebellious as ever. This rebellious streak is also evident in the fashion label’s expansion into the concert and event scene. Vans organizes and sponsors events and festivals, and always takes the stance that the crazier the event, the better!Grab your pair of Slip On shoes at Blue Tomato, so you too can be part of the multifaceted world of Vans!