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Carhartt WIP (188)


Over the past 120, Carhartt WIP has established itself as a world-renowned brand. Respected and highly recommended for its durability in the working class America, many claims that overalls, coats and jeans look the same they did from over twenty years ago.

Founded by Hamilton Carhartt WIP in Detroit USA, the brand begun a transition of identity as the "chore jacket" a four-pocketed hard as nails workman coat started appearing on the streets and shortly after rappers started wearing them. Because of this, Carhartt WIP became cool and clothing stores started importing them into Europe.

Carhartt WIP

So what divides Carhartt Work In Progress and just plain old Carhartt? Well, Carhartt remains to be known for work clothes most commonly found around construction sites in the USA. With proof of demand in Europe after the Chore jacket, a deal was made to manufacture Carhartt branded clothing outside the US market and Work In Progress was born.

Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) is a European adaptation of the original take on the workman wear that was created one hundred years after the original with a German denim entrepreneur Edwin Faeh. WIP uses the work wear theme and high quality as a starting point but reworks a svelte style with slim fit trousers and names like "Sid pants" that stop at 38 inches rather than 52. There's a more all-around tailored cut, softer linings with a women's collection that's on point too.

They've continued to mix in with the streetwear vibe that European skaters are hip into and have their own skate and BMX team. WIP has only recently been debuted stateside and is continuing to grow in popularity. Thanks to its legacy, Carhartt WIP continues to give us all classics with the highest quality.

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