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Women's backpacks for Ladies of the World!

Even Ötzi the Iceman had himself a backpack and that was way back in 3300 BC! Since then the humble backpack has evolved quite a bit. Having been used for hunting and military purposes in the past the backpack of the 20th century has learnt a few lessons. Namely, that women and men are different. Women are built differently, think differently, have different needs. These days women's backpacks are designed to meet the demands of the modern woman, both in shape and fit, and design. They offer vast amounts of pack room and are made of top quality, weatherproof materials. These days you can choose a backpack based on both your needs and your style thanks to feminine designs that take backpacks from equipment to fashion accessory. Miles more practical and comfortable than a handbag , these robust backpacks are jam packed with useful features that make your life easier when hiking or doing any other kind of sport. The traditional backpack is no replacement for a proper hiking backpack, but it definitely comes in handy for shorter adventures.

The Lifestyle Backpack

Lifestyle backpacks come with all the most important technical features without being overloaded with gimmicky rubbish and are the perfect day-to-day companion for work, school or a weekend adventure to the city or the beach. These backpacks offer between 18-25 litres of pack space , giving you plenty of room for everything you need and often feature padded laptop compartments , organiser pockets and media pockets to round it all off. Adjustable shoulder straps guarantee a perfect fit. Brands like Herschel or Empyre are the places to go for leather straps and vintage styles , while surf brands like Rip Curl , Billabong and Roxy bring the beach vibes to the city with bright colours and all over prints. Skaters will want a bag with a board carry system like the ones from Vans or Element, two brands who know their way around the skate scene.

The Perfect Ride Partner for any Snowboarder or Skier

Women's snow daypacks are available from brands like Burton , Dakine or DC. In comparison to guys, ladies tend to have shorter backs, longer legs, narrower shoulders and wider waists, so women's backpacks are specifically designed to complement the female anatomy for a better and more comfortable fit so you can tour for longer. Touring backpacks come with a number of important key features to make your time in the backcountry more enjoyable:

  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Padded, adjustable hip/waist straps for additional support
  • Ergonomic design with padded back support
  • A variety of different snowboard and ski carry systems, from vertical to horizontal
  • Fleece lined pockets for goggles and sunglasses that double up as media pockets
  • Shovels and probes compartments
Some models also come with helmet carry systems , watertight compartments or hydration system integration . When it comes to sizes you have the choice of day hike bags with around 11 to 18 litres of pack space, or a somewhat roomier 20 litre version. Only you know exactly what equipment will suit you best, but you'll find an enormous selection of different sizes and brands at Blue Tomato . Simply head to the online shop or in store to find your new backpack!