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Tie-Dye for women and men

Tie-dye is back! The colourful tie-dye style was not only a popular trend in the 70s, because the colourful pieces of clothing are back.

What characterises the tie-dye style?

To create the unique tie-dye look, the fabrics are twisted with twine. This way, the garments are dyed with different colours; this step creates the colourful pattern.


How do you wear the tie-dye style?

Tie-dye clothes can be worn with any outfit. It also doesn't matter which tie-dye style piece shines. The most popular way is to combine tie-dye clothes with plain colours. But you can also experiment and combine different colours and patterns.

Here are some tips on how to wear tie-dye style:

  • Pair a tie-dye hoodie with a pair of jeans and sneaker for a simpler look.
  • You can also combine tie-dye pieces with other patterns for more funky styles.
  • If you're not ready to wear a whole tie-dye outfit, start with an accessory for this look.
  • Pair a tie-dye dress with sandals or flip-flops for a summery look.

Tie-dye clothing pieces are colourful statements and can be worn with any outfit. These hoodies and T-shirts are a must-have for anyone who wants to create a cool and unique look. Shop now for your tie-dye outfit from brands like Volcom, Vans, Broken Promises, RIPNDIP & many more at Blue Tomato Online Shop or a shop near you and be the trendsetter of the season!