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Vans off the Wall - Rad Shoes for Rad Skaters

"Van Doren Rubber Company" - doesn't ring a bell? Are you sure? Founded by two Californian brothers, Paul and Jim Van Doren, in 1966, the label is better known as world-renowned skate brand, Vans. It was in that same year in the sunny west coast state that the first ever Vans skate shoe was manufactured and sold.It didn't take long for the skate scene to fall in love with the shoe, which is now world-famous for its trademark vulcanised waffle soles . The Hi-Top, which was designed specifically for skating and is now known as the Sk8-Hi , quickly gained cult status amongst skaters. Their solid, robust construction didn't just appeal to skaters though, other athletes quickly found themselves infected with the Vans bug.

The Vans Waffle Sole - for Impeccable Boardfeel

Vans' main aim was to create unique and memorable shoes , something they achieved, quite impressively, with their very first model, the Authentic Sneaker. It's hard to imagine today's skate scene without the originality and versatility of this amazing shoe; a perfect all-rounder that has survived through the generations and is bound to stick around for many more.The Sk8-Hi: A shoe that combines a vulcanised sole with all the know-how of the skate world. The high-top design of the Authentics' bigger brother provides that extra bit of support for your ankle so that, should you happen to roll it, the shoe supports and stabilizes your foot, helping to prevent injury. Legends of the scene such as Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva don't just swear by the Sk8-Hi, they were integral to its development.The Vans Half Cab series is a collection of Mid-Top shoes that offer a little more freedom of movement. It's named after skate icon Steve Caballero - need we say more?Of course, we can't talk about Vans without mentioning the famous Vans Slip-Ons . These laceless, low-top shoes made waves in the skate and punk scenes when they came out, thanks to their characteristic black and white "checkerboard" design.

Vans Skate Shoe Technology

To create the ultimate skate shoe and give you the perfect skate experience , Vans work in close contact with their team riders. Every model is tried, tested and tinkered with until the shoe is perfect. Every new shoe is individually constructed and combines the newest shock absorption technology with pro skater specific, functional design . However, traditional shoe culture , such as the Vans Old Skool , is constantly improved for perfection as well.We've explained the most popular Vans features below: Construction

  • Pro Vulc construction and Pro Cup construction: The most up-to-date shock absorption and inner sole technologies for improved boardfeel, ideal flex and perfect grip.
  • Vans Wafflecup™ construction: combines optimal grip and feel in the forefoot area with full-sole stability and grip.

Shock Absorption

  • Ultracush HD-footbed: patented polyurethane based footbed that keeps your foot close to the board whilst providing the highest possible level of impact absorption.
  • Ultracush Lite footbed: CMEVA based footbed; anatomically formed and extremely light.
  • Ortholite™ footbed: light, forgiving impact absorption and secure grip, with antimicrobial, odour blocking properties.


  • Vans Original Waffle Profile sole: raw rubber and no filler, made more durable, thinner, lighter and more flexible through a chemical process
  • Duracap reinforcement: durable raw rubber layers that strengthen and hold together specific zones of the shoe for improved durability
  • Flex & Fit uppers: Even more comfortable and even more durable. With all-over flexibility to avoid pressure points and a reinforced ollie zone
  • Preformed Heel inserts: anatomically formed heel inserts

Vans - Style from Head to Toe

It's not just Vans shoes that keep skaters happy, oh no. The California skate brand also makes it possible to dress head to toe in Vans - and that's no bad thing.

Streetwear with that Skate Feeling

Vans shoes are awesome - that's a fact - but why stop at shoes? Give your outfits a Vans injection with some new streetwear . With everything from tank tops , t-shirts and shorts , to skirts and dresses; you're spoilt for choice! And if the weather Gods happen to be in a bad mood at the moment, check out their windbreakers , jackets , hoodies , zip-hoodies and sweaters ! See, Vans have the answer to all your wardrobe issues, including accessories like glasses , caps , hats and backpacks . There's even Vans stuff for kids! Staying true to its roots, the collection finds itself somewhere between edgy and old school. Needless to say, we're big fans.

Out of your Shoes and into your Boots!

Vans have got your back. In fact, the company has taken its years of experience and know-how and injected it into their range of snowboard boots too. With crackers like the Hi Standard and the Encore , two extremely comfortable boots, Vans have understandably been well-received in the snowboard scene. Alongside all the techy features you expect from a snowboard boot these days, Vans boots also come in rad colourways that are bound to have your friends drooling.

Vans Warped Tour

Vans are the main sponsor of the almost 20-year-old music festival , The Vans Warped Tour, but they don't limit themselves to financially supporting bands and music lovers. They also support a number of Non-Profit Organisations like Feed Our Children NOW, Music cares, Peta2, Invisible Children, Music Saves Lives and the Keep a Breast Foundation, to name but a few.

Vans Gives Back

Vans love skating, snowboarding and surfing and want to make sure that the next generation of board sports enthusiasts still have an environment in which to enjoy them. They are very concerned with protecting the environment and do their best to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible. With the " Green Sole" operation , they are focussing on two main areas: energy and pollution. Vans strive to use resources wisely, incorporating recycled and other environmentally friendly materials into their products and packaging wherever possible. Their Street Sole programme aims to give something back to society by supporting school projects, donating to charities and adhering to social, ecological and ethical standards. Vans have soul! Be a part of the rad Vans family and grab a piece of skate culture at Blue Tomato.