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Complete longboards – perfect for beginners and intermediates

At Blue Tomato you can make your own longboard from our massive selection. For beginners, intermediates and casual riders, we recommend getting a complete longboard. Each complete comes ready to ride with longboard trucks, wheels and bearings.

Advice for buying a longboard

Our Longboard Buyer’s Guide is guaranteed to help you choose your complete longboard. If you want personal advice, then just visit one of our Blue Tomato shops. Our helpful staff will be happy to guide you.

Your longboard for your style

When buying a complete longboard, you should first think about your riding style. With the different shapes and types of longboard, you can choose a board to compliment your riding style.


You can ride smoothly in bowls and pipes with a Cruiser or do your turns on paved surfaces.

Carving boards

Carving Boards are made for tight turns. They give you the pure feeling of turning.

Freeride longboards

Freeride Boards are precise and stable at high speeds.

Downhill longboards

If you‘re a speed freak, try out a downhill longboard. They have a low centre of gravity for stability on wild downhill rides.

The perfect longboard Setup – start riding without any fuss

If you choose Globe, Santa Cruz or any of our other great longboard brands – a complete longboard has everything, ready to ride. You don’t need to worry about choosing the right trucks, wheels or bearings. Everything is already set up with a complete longboard.
Bring the feeling of surfing to your doorstep with Blue Tomato.

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