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Travel the globe with your Snowboard Bag

Where do you plan to go for your next trip? Perhaps you want to travel to the States for their parks. Maybe you want to fly to Japan for powder snow. Or is a van-trip around the best spots in the Alps? What you need for all this travel is a reliable and sturdy board bag.

One Board, two boards, three boards more!

You can never have enough snowboards. That is a well-known fact. On top of that, what is the point of having all of those snowboards if you can’t use them? Well fear not, here at Blue Tomato we have snowboard bags which can take multiple snowboards . On top of all those boards you want to lug around the world, you might need space for your other stuff. Thankfully bags from brands such as Dakine and Burton can take not only snowboards but also bindings boots, outerwear and accessories. If you’re worried about keeping your gear protected on your travels, we have the bags for you. Padded constructions protect your boards and a reinforced bottom means that your bag can take abuse from baggage handlers or be thrown in and out of your van hassle free. If you need quick access to documents or extra layer we have bags with external pockets . What use is all if you can’t guarantee the safety and security of your precious snowboards? Many of our board bags have lockable zips, so you can travel worldwide safe in the knowledge your gear is safe. Worried about snow getting in? Don’t be! These accessories are made from durable polyester or nylon which is both water and snow resistant.

Roll, Roll, roll your bag

Even with every strap you can imagine, carrying a couple of snowboards, bindings, boots and everything else, is going to be heavy. That’s where wheels come in. Imagine your bliss as you glide through busy airports and train stations effortlessly, thanks to your wheeled snowboard bag .

Getting around should be a breeze

It is no use being able to store all your gear, with no way to actually carry it! Snowboards, boots and bindings all are heavy and bulky. If you want to carry them, you need the right straps and handles. We have board bags with padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. You can also choose a model which has handles or even better yet a retractable handle. All of these handy features mean less time fighting with bulky bags and more time enjoying the snow. That’s a win-win situation. Whether it is a long or short trip, at Blue Tomato, we have you covered. Our range of snowboard bags is comprehensive, with options for every taste, size and requirement. Shop Snowboard Bags and other accessories.