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adidas Skateboarding

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Skatewear straight out of Herzogenaurach

adidas Skateboarding is the skate department of the long established, world famous, German company that operates out of Herzogenaurach in Bayern. Since the 1920's Adi Dassler's company has been known for producing top quality sports clothing and shoes and gained particular fame and recognition when Germany won the World Cup in 1954. Naturally, adidas make a point of maintaining their quality standards across the board and their skate division is no exception.

Shoes and Shirts - Not Just for Skaters

adidas skate shoes, with their famous 3 stripes, are often based on classic models that have been adapted to meet the demands of the modern skater, so you're guaranteed a quality shoe. But adidas Skateboarding do more than just shoes, they also have a wide range of sweet ;streetwear on offer for skaters and fashion fans alike. From ;t-shirts and ;jackets to beanies, sweaters, hoodies and pants and with influences ranging from the retro originals collection to modern, sport inspired designs, materials and colours, their products all have that special adidas style that makes them attractive not just to skaters, but to anyone with an eye for top-drawer design.

Dropping in to the Skate Scene with both Feet

Limited edition runs and collaborations with brands like cliché aren't just marketing gimmicks to keep collectors happy; rather they show just how close to the scene the brand really is, while demonstrating the passion they devote to skateboarding in general. As if to prove the point, their pro team is made up of a whole host of top-class pro skaters like Dennis Busenitz, Lucas Puig, Rodrigo TX and Lem Villemin , the majority of whom all have their own signature shoe.All-round creative and skate legend, Mark ‘Gonz' Gonzales - one of the founders of modern street skating - plays a special role in the team, designing a number of limited shirts, shoes and other items for adidas Skateboarding. Of course, the Gonz still has both his feet on his board and runs his own brand, Krooked Skateboards, and arguably functions as an ambassador for an older generation of skaters. adidas Skateboarding is a brand for skateboarders of any age, So whether you're 13 or 53, you're sure to find something for you.

Bringing Three Stripes to a Sport Near You

Despite having jumped with both feet into a new market with the skateboard scene, adidas have stayed true to their famous style. The traditional logo, the trefoil, as well as their famous three stripes have also found their place on skate products, linking them directly to the other divisions of the company and serving as a reminder of the quality and meticulous design that goes into everything they make. For adidas it's not about scoring goals or hitting the biggest jumps, it's about offering athletes the best possible equipment so they can do what they do best.Find a huge range of the newest adidas skate products at Blue Tomato.