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Hoodies for Women


Women’s Hoodies: Stylish, Comfy, Warm

Women’s hoodies

The hoodie is everyone’s favourite piece of streetwear and if it isn’t yours, it just means you haven’t found the right one yet. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can feature eye-catching designs or just be nice and simple. Women’s hoodies are specifically designed to provide a more feminine fit and are generally smaller than men’s or unisex models. A good hoodie will show off your feminine silhouette in just the right light, especially when combined with a pair of slim fit jeans or leggings. Streetwear brands like Naketano, Bench or Ragwear have helped turn the female hoodie into a new urban classic.

Hoodies Against Racism

People have been wearing hoodies since as far back as the middle ages - even Robin Hood famously hid beneath a hood. More recently, the hoodie has gone from humble worker’s clothing to fashion staple and has even played a large part in the American fight against racism. The style is still deeply rooted in hip hop and skate culture and has since become a staple of every wardrobe. Your favourite hoodie is more than just a sweater with a hood, it represents a lifestyle.

The Many Different Faces of Women’s Hoodies

The best thing about these snuggly, stylish sweaters is just how unbelievably versatile they are:

  • Combine your hoodie with your favourite jeans or leggings for a casual look
  • Get alternative with a pair of Converse, a tight fitting stretch skirt and your favourite hoodie.
  • Turn heads at school or Uni with an eye-catching hoodie with a bold graphic design or go for a more elegant look with leather patches and high quality materials
  • For sports lovers, get a functional hoodie designed for sporting comfort
  • Replace your winter jacket with a zip hoodie in summer. Snuggly hoods will keep you cosy on those cooler summer nights. A zip-up hoodie is a must-have for your next summer adventure.
  • Check out brands like Volcom or Nikita for super warm fleece hoodies, perfect for long days on your snowboard or skis!

Hoods and Kangaroo Pockets: Two Unmistakeable Design Features

Women’s hoodies

The main feature of a hoodie is - you guessed it - the hood, which is often double thickness for extra comfort and structure. If you like a bit of contrast pick a hoodie with a carefully selected inner lining: you can choose from a range of prints, colours and plush fabrics. The second most important feature is the kangaroo pocket, a big pouch pocket on the front of the hoodie where you can stash anything and everything. Other features likely to be found on a girl’s hoodie are things like tunnel necks, big, eye-catching buttons, wide cuffs and collars, as well as contrasting pockets and zips. Imagination knows no bounds!

Take what you need. Blue Tomato has an enormous collection of women’s hoodies for you to rifle through to your heart’s content. Get stuck in and enjoy!