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Sneakers – More than just your everyday shoe

Can you imagine alife without sneakers ? They are yourgo-to shoes for every situation, for every occasion and every season. Thechoice of sneakers out there is just as large as the amount of styles andtechnologies that brands like Vans , Nike & Co offer. But there's still one thing they all have in common:sneakers are comfortable and an absolute must-have for all fashion-consciousand active people!It's wrong to thinkof the 80s as an era of fashion faux-pas and no-go's. After all, children ofthe 80s were crazy about sports! People flooded the gyms, started jogging and doingaerobics and began to care about leading a healthy lifestyle. It's also whensneakers were born! And still today, streetwear producers incorporate thetrends and styles of sports shoes intheir designs.

Sneaking into the hearts of a whole generation

Sneakers are the perfect shoesfor anyone who thinksthat loafers are too boring, but running shoes too sporty. They are a truestreet style allrounder . Even if the stress of your daily routine and today's fast times have their holdon you: these versatile shoes cantake on anything. Most brands offer great cushioning thanks to EVA foam orspecial gel or air pads. Other technologies that have been used in sports for years are also oftenimplemented in sneakers, such as mesh linings, ventilation systems, hiddenlaces and heel stabilisers. Cotton, polyester, mesh, leather, suede or canvas –the materials that skate shoes are made of are very versatile. Durability is particularlyimportant to brands like DC and adidas Originals . A lot of sneakersoriginated from the skate scene. The thin soles often feature a herringbonepattern with extremely good grip, making them the perfect choice for skatingand longboarding.

Sneakers with cult status

There'sone shoe that truly is an icon of the sneaker world: the Converse All Star , also known as the „ Chuck Taylor ". This trend started in1918 and is still alive today, approximately 100 years later. The big players of the sports business Nike have followed up closely with the Nike Air Max , a shoe that has gainedcult status in recent years. Music lovers, lifestyle freaks and collectors lovethe shoe with its comfortable air padding at the heel. High- and mid-tops with fur elements and thick liningsare great for the winter. Low-Tops and slip-ons are better for warmertemperatures and leisure activities. The range of sneakers out there is endlessand caters for every taste and style. A simple grey or natural brown make yoursneaks the perfect choice for school or your daily routine. If you want to standout, Blue Tomato also has plenty ofwild colours, fun prints and crazy designs for you to choose from!