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Volcom – The Spirit of Youth Culture

True to this Volcom stands for all aspects of action sports! From surfing , skateboarding and snowboarding to art , music and film , you can find everything under one roof . The brand was founded by Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall during a snowboard trip in 1991, when snowboarders and skaters were still perceived as rebels.Even today, that rebellious attitude remains an important part of their brand identity and their slogan "Youth Against Establishment" is still valid. The creation of the first boarding brand that united different boardsports broke the rules and brought people with the same lifestyle together. Watch the film "True to This" to gain insight in this concept and see their amazing team. Their collection reflects this wide focus. From streetwear , boardshorts and swimwear to jeans , t-shirts , shoes , accessories and snowwear , they offer everything your style-heart desires. Of course their collections aren't just for women and men, but for kids as well!

The Style of Tomorrow

Inspired by the athletes of the scene and their culture, their designs are far from boring. Unique cuts and crazy designs that reflect the their spirit will make you feel like part of the Volcom family.

Quality and performance are still first priorities when trying to combine fashion and function. Volcom also runs cooperations with artists from the scene to develop exciting new collections. Their streetwear is worn by their high-calibre skate team, which includes riders such as Chris Pfanner, David Gonzales and Ryan Sheckler. This label hasn't forgotten your feet, either, and offers the perfect shoes to complete your look. Add a matching backpack or the perfect bag, and you've got yourself the one and only Volcom style!

Get through Winter with Volcom

The brands core message is also reflected in its outerwear collection. It sets aside the norms and redefines them. The influence of the snow team, made up of legends like Terje Haakonsen, Jamie Lynn, and current legends like Marc Swoboda, Pat Moore and Markus Keller, flows into their snowboard jackets , snowboard pants , gloves, baselayers and accessories to make sure you get the best fusion of style and functionality! Volcom combines technical materials with an ergonomic fit to create outerwear that all kinds of riders will love. Their snowwear isn't just stylish, it protects you from the elements with ease.

Once the Volcom Stone gets rolling …

Volcom likes to stay active and can't just sit still. They organise several events and supports artists such as Ozzy Wright, Jamie Browne and Matt French. The brand also has its own online community called the " Volcomunity ". It is made up of singers, models and designers who blog about their travels, experiences and creative influences. These ambassadors live and love the Volcom spirit.They also care about the environment . Simply buying stuff from the Volcom V.Co-logical series is a good deed; 1 % of the profit from this series goes straight to nature, thanks to Volcom's 1 % for the planet membership.Even the Volcom Pipe Pro Surf competition in 2013 was held with environmental protection in mind. Strict regulations were set and surfers could show off their skills in while being green and doing good for the environment.Prove your good taste and deck yourself out from head to toe at Blue Tomato ! Just check out the new collections on our website and see for yourself how many unique designs thsi label has to offer!