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Shoes of DC

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Shoes that Change the Way You See the World

DC Shoes are one of the most popular, well-known skate shoe manufacturers in the world. They have been producing skate shoes that are loved across the world by everyone from skaters to sneaker enthusiasts since 1993. The company was founded by Ken Block , one of the gnarliest rally drivers around, and Damon Way , whose brother is skateboard icon Danny way, something that gives them a particularly strong link to the skate community.

DC - Variety is the Spice of Life

It's no surprise that DC shoes are so well renowned in the skate scene… their product range is as diverse, and the shoes as individual, as the skaters who wear them. It all began with thickly padded shoes like the Net and the Serial which featured prominent DC logos on the sides. Since then the range has been extended to light skate shoes with minimalist designs, old-school throwbacks like the Bridge , as well as technically polished, modern designs like the Crisis or the Static . Of course, we can't forget Nyjah Huston's signature shoe, the appropriately named, Nyjah Skate Shoe. We could go on forever listing the different individual models, but no matter what colour and material combo takes your fancy - whether it's a high, mid or low top - all DC shoes have one thing in common: They are unbelievably good quality and consistently showcase great design. The Californian company is a master at balancing style with functional features for professional athletes. They understand that skateboarding is more than just a sport - it's a lifestyle.

Footwear for Every Season

DC don't just limit themselves to skate shoes and sneakers they make shoes for every season of the year. Take their colourful, sporty sandals for example, that look just as great with a pair of boardshorts or a bikini on the beach as they do in the park with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt . DC do a range of lined versions of your favourite sneakers for the colder, wetter months, as well as robust winter shoes with strong profiles, like the sporty Ranger shoe or the durable Woodland, to keep your feet warm on winter days. And don't forget DC's warm winter boots that combine fashion with outdoor function.

Get Everything You Need from DC

With team riders such as Torstein Horgmo and a range of top quality, breathable and waterproof snowwear , snowboard boots and even helmets , DC know what they're doing when it comes to snowboarding . You could dress head to toe in DC if you wanted. Alongside their shoes and snowboard stuff, you'll also find a huge range of classic streetwear items like hoodies , sweaters , t-shirts , pants , jackets and accessories for women, men and kids alike!If you're looking for a pair of shoes - a whole outfit even - check out our massive DC collection and find your own individual style for spring, summer, autumn or winter at Blue Tomato .