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Strap In and Take Off - Snowboard Bindings

Bindings are the lynchpin of your snowboard setup. They keep your board strapped to your feet so you can make the most of the fresh snow day in, day out, without having to worry about it careening off down the mountain every time you take a dive. With countless different models available to suit your riding style, whether you're a hardcore racer, park rat or absolute beginner, you're bound to find the right snowboard bindings for you at Blue Tomato .

A Binding for Every Riding Style - What to Look Out for

Bindings don't just differ in construction; they also have different flex ratings , which can be controlled to some degree by the rider. Provided you have found the right snowboard boots , your bindings will give you all the foothold you need, whatever you get up to on the mountain.

  • If you ride an alpine board and are all about high speeds and carving, an alpine binding will be best suited to you. They will give you total edge grip and offer incredibly precise power transmission. These bindings are made for hard boots and are reminiscent of classic ski bindings.
  • Soft bindings ;are made for soft boots and come in all sorts of different styles. The most popular models come with toe and heel straps that keep your feet in contact with the binding at the toes and arches, delivering the maximum amount of flexibility - something you'll really appreciate when hitting the rails, boxes and kicker lines.

A soft flex binding is ideal for park riding and jibbing, while a medium flex is perfect for all-mountain ripping. This sort of binding gives you enough stability on the piste and in powder, but still maintains that playfulness you want for jibs, jumps and rails. If you feel the call of the untouched backcountry faces, a stiffer flex will guarantee you have enough support to drop cliff after cliff after cliff.

  • If ease, comfort and maximum ride time are among your priorities, a quick-entry binding could be right up your alley. Simply slide your foot in, pull up the lever on the highback and ride on! Flow developed the original technology which has since been adapted by manufacturers such as SP and K2 . Easy and flexible, more and more snowboarders are switching to step-in bindings.
  • Prefer to leave the lift lines and punters behind and head off with your splitboard to experience snowboarding at its finest? Blue Tomato has you covered! Specialised splitboard bindings are lighter than traditional bindings and easy to adjust. Their closure mechanisms are built so that they can be converted from climb mode to ride mode with minimal effort. They also offer fantastic foothold and seamlessly keep both parts of your board together.
Brands are constantly developing new technologies to make your day on the mountain that much more comfortable.

Small Details, Big Difference

  • The vast majority of bindings are compatible with most boots and boards, so you can mix and match brands according to your taste. The only exception is Burton: it's important to note that Burton's EST binding is only compatible with Burton Channel Boards and vice versa. But don't worry, you can also purchase the Re:Flex version of the binding so that you can use them with any snowboard with standard binding mounts.
  • Make it easy for yourself! Use a tool to mount your bindings. They're light, handy, fit in any pocket and usually come with a practical case. Binding screws are standardized, so tool bits will work with any binding.
  • Sometimes factors outside of your control can cause a part of your binding to break. To be on the safe side, why not bring binding accessories like spare toe or heel straps with you up the mountain? You'll find them all, as well as highbacks and baseplate discs, in our web shop.

Boots and Bindings - They Go Together like Bluebird and Powder

Soft boots for soft bindings and hard boots for alpine bindings - it all makes sense so far. Luckily you can choose each part of your setup according to your specific tastes; all you have to do is make sure that you have the right size binding to go with your boots! Sizing tables can be found on the bindings' respective product pages. The possibilities are endless - whether you decide to go Burton , Union or any other binding, all that's left to do is ride hard and have fun!