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Völkl (7)

Völkl – you can feel it

Völkl stands for exceptional products that offer an unbeatable riding experience, and has done for over 90 years. The company promises German quality in their development and production. Their strength lies in innovation, which is driven by research into high-tech materials. With every turn you make, you can feel Völkl’s passion for perfection. Their continuous development and improvement of the product range ensures that practising winter sports using Völkl equipment is a unique experience.

Völkl Freeski – nine decades of experience speak for themselves

Since 1923, Völkl have been manufacturing skis in Straubing. In the ski manufacturing industry, Völkls V-Werks sets a benchmark with their low weight and high performance designs. Their aim is to use their technology to produce the best ski for every genre of the sport. Now, Völkl’s skis are better than ever to ride, with more flexibility that requires less effort. The result is better overall performance and faster response. At Völkl , the rocker-shape is not only a trend but a new milestone in ski design that has marked the future of the two boards. The freestyle ski and freeride ski ranges offer three different rocker variations:

  • Full Rocker: The shape for freeskiing and touring, with a constant, gradual bend along the entire length of the ski. The short minimum edge length under the binding counteracts the unwanted inertia of a wider ski. Gotama, Shiro and Katana all feature full rocker.
  • Tip Rocker: The ski bends at the tip, while the middle and tail of the ski have a classic camber form. The variable edge-length of the tip means increased manoeuvrability. Among the tip rocker family are the Kink, Step and Ledge.
  • Tip und Tail Rocker: The middle has a classic-style camber, while the tip and tail are both curved. This form is particularly suited to part and pipe riding.
At an international level, riders such as Nick Goepper, Russ Henshaw and Oscar Sherlin form part of the company’s pro team.

In-house technology for your snowboarding adventures

Völkl have been producing snowboards since 1987. New developments and features include:

  • Völkl Premium Carbon
  • Horror-Shock Absorber
  • Powder Channel
  • Grip Lack-Topsheet
- yet these are only a few of the Bavarian company’s snowboard technologies. Their board shapes range from camber to rocker and even hybrid forms. Whichever one you choose should depend not only on your preferred riding terrain, but also on your boarding style and taste.
  • A traditional Camber is especially suited to a direct, high speed and aggressive riding style. This board shape is ideal for taking fat kicker lines and icy pipes, as well as speed runs over variable mountain terrain.
  • Rocker gives you more lift in powder and is forgiving of your mistakes over rails or when jibbing in the park.
  • Hybrid-Shapes are suitable for backcountry and park riding. Völkl offers different variations for both types of snowboarding, with different nose geometries and radii, according to requirements.
The Freestyle-Hybrid offers a short board with the edge hold and stability of a longer one. This technology makes fast rotation easier, at the same time as preventing unwanted reverts. This board design also remains smooth running and stable on in-runs. Freeride-Hybrid shapes offer more lift and solid grip when the edges are engaged. Thanks to the nose and tail rocker, icy terrain is not a problem, and there’s no sinking in bombed-out powder. The range of boards with this shape include freestyle , all-mountain, freeride, women’s, junior and splitboard models.

The fastest entry and exit with Völkl-snowboard bindings

Snowboard bindings from Völkl with the sophisticated Fastec System offer not only a perfect balance of freedom and response, but they also have the fastest entry you could wish for. Once you have adjusted them according to your personal boarding style, the straps will fit for the rest of the season. Different models, which feature precise adjustment, include:

  • Fastec Prime Alu
  • Fastec Choice Alu
  • Fastec Utopia with special Micro Pump Buckles

Sustainability and fashion go together with Völkl streetwear

Streetwear from Völkl definitely has the eco-factor. Green lab supports the environment, fair trade and healthy living through the use of raw materials that are produced through non GM, organic farming. Their water-based dyes are skin-friendly and they uphold the GOTS Standard, which signifies the highest international standard of organic textile manufacturing. This guarantees that products are in no way harmful to one’s health and that they are also ethically produced. Backpacks and bags feature ski and snowboard straps, with various compartments for laptops and other equipment. Chest and hip straps are adjustable, as well as ergonomically formed. Ski and snowboard bags protect equipment from external damage with designs featuring rollers and over-the-shoulder straps.Whether you’re a snowboarder or freeskier , at Blue Tomato you’ll find a big selection of Völkl products for your favourite sport.