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There For Every Meter Climbed: Your Touring Backpack

The ultimate ski trek across the Southern Alps. . a day tour with friends to the remotest powder descents in the Pyrenees…or even a summer climbing trip on your home mountain…where would you be without your touring back pack ? With a perfect fit you can ensure comfortable carrying, even on the longest adventures. No matter if you want to carry equipment with you, or have the essentials that you need for maximum outdoor-action close to hand, without an appropriate touring backpack you are definitely not going anywhere! Blue Tomato offers you a variety of sizes, technologies and functional ranges so that from now on, you are ready for any tour.

Top Priority: Carrying Comfort

There are some features that all touring backpacks should share: the most important part of a pack, especially when being used for longer trips, is the fit and support system. Did you ever take your old school satchel on a high alpine tour? Hopefully not! Modern systems from Ortovox , Mammut , Evoc and co. stand out with their snug, close to the back fit . Your back and shoulders will definitely thank you! Almost all models feature special aluminium struts , which distribute the weight ergonomically. Hip and chest straps , as well as commonly featured extended hip fins, help enormously to relieve the shoulders. Your back's touring companion needs to be as flexible as you are. The large load must be perfectly distributed using the different adjustment straps. Compression straps and so-called load-control straps ensure that you can customize your touring backpack, making it fit just right with your body type and size. After all, everybody knows how important maximum freedom of movement is when touring ski or splitboard touring.

Size Decides – Choose Carefully

Even when you require a quality touring backpack that you can place a wide variety of different demands on, you are still spoilt for choice! Firstly, you should have it clear in your mind what kind of adventures you want to enjoy with your pack: small, flexible rucksacks for day touring with your skis or snowboard offer you maximum freedom. You'll have enough space for your avalanche equipment - and perhaps for a spare set of underwear…Larger models with a high volume capacity are ideal companions for long tours . Large calibre packs are also ideally suited for trekking in high alpine terrain or over glaciers, when you need to carry a lot of heavy equipment. Avalanche packs with special airbags for freeriding are available from ABS and are also in high demand!

Different Volumes for Different Uses:

Features such as ice pick, pole and helmet holders, rope fastenings and ski and snowboard attachment options are now the norm. These details have, of course, been even further developed, with almost all models offering access to the main compartment through the back of the pack. You can easily access your things without having to unbuckle your skis or snowboard from the rucksack. A separate bottom compartment for a pair of shoes or your dirty clothes is also an indispensible and standard feature for many brands.

Robust All-Rounder – Your New Touring Backpack Is Waiting for You

Without a rucksack, going touring is simply impossible. The right touring pack feels so feather-light on your back, that you'll almost forget you are wearing it. The highly technical outer shell is so sturdy that even rocks, ice and snow won't cause any damage. Yet, with all of this functionality, you don't have to worry about losing your style – almost all brands have special designs for men and women on offer.

At Blue Tomato you are guaranteed to find the perfect new touring backpack for your next adventure!