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Fanny Packs: The Trend for 2023


Fanny pack, hip bag or rather crossbody bags? No matter what you want to call them, they are back! The handy belt bags were a popular accessory back in the 90s and are now back in trend. Fanny packs are not only useful, but also go with any outfit.

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Why is it called Fanny Pack?

The term "fanny pack" comes from English and means "hip bag". The bags were originally worn by women as hip bags. In the 90s, fanny packs became popular among men as well. Today, everyone wears the hip bag, and it has become a must-have for streetwear outfits.

How do you wear a Fanny Pack?

The popular fanny packs are worn in many ways:

  • The classic way is to wear the bag around the hip.
  • You can also put the bag over your shoulder, as is usual with handbags.
  • Another way would be to wear the fanny pack across your body.

Either way, fanny packs will always complete your streetwear looks.

Are Fanny Packs on trend?

Here are some tips on how to wear a fanny pack with your outfit:

  • Wear your fanny pack with a simple outfit to put the focus on the bag.
  • Wear your fanny pack with a dress or skirt to lighten up the feminine look.

Where can you buy Fanny Packs?

You can find Fanny Packs in pretty much every Blue Tomato Shops or here in our online shop. We have the best selection of fanny packs from brands like Eastpak , Carhartt WIP, Aevor, Herschel & more.