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Dual protection for the perfect surf trip - no rash!

So that the surf and paddle action can last as long as possible, lycras and rash vests have been developed. With their special material, they protect your skin from extreme sun exposure out there in the ocean. These ideal accessories also protect you against the rubbing that occurs as you paddle whilst lying on your surfboard. Thus, lycras and rash vests eliminate two sources of irritation and danger, making sunburn and rashes things of the past!

Best quality and highest functionality

Just as with every sport, you can only achieve top performances with the best materials. These durable and flexible materials offer your body's form optimal support. This means that, alongside functionality, you get the best wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement. For the seams, manufacturers have created flat-lock seams to eliminate additional sources of friction. The material's structure also quickly wicks water away from the inside outwards, so you never have the feeling of wearing something wet, but instead feel light and free.

The style factor

Functionality is one thing, but nobody wants to be without style. That's why cool lycras and rash vests from Rip Curl , Quiksilver and co. are available in different colours and patterns. They ensure that you don't have to sacrifice your perfect street style, even in the water. The versatile designs that are out there mean that you can choose between long sleeved, short sleeved and even sleeveless lycras, not to mention short ones, long ones, mens, womens. . . When you're chilling on the beach, simply combine your Roxy or Hurley lycra with your boardshorts , and you have the perfect beach style for enjoying a day of sunshine!

The lycra and wetsuit combi

When you're surfing with your friends, do you often find it difficult to tell them apart, seeing as everybody is wearing the same coloured wetsuit out there? So why not wear your rash vest over your wetsuit ? After all, that is what the pro surfers do, in order to distinguish themselves in competitions. Or else, look at it the other way around: If you're wetsuit causes you discomfort or rashes, then wearing a comfortable lycra underneath is definitely worth gold.