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Jackets – A streetwear essential for all year round

Sometimes it just takes one streetwear piece to bring an outfit together. It can be the right pair of boots, sneakers or shoes. Sometimes it is a killer pair of jeans or perhaps a flashy watch. More often though, it is your jacket which people notice first. Where to start

  • Do you want a classic or contemporary style?
  • Lightweight summer jacket, winter coat, rainy autumn overcoat or spring windbreaker?
  • Bright colours or muted tones?
  • Looser, long cut or form-fitting slim fit?

Streetwear Jackets – Keeping you warm and looking cool

Classic or contemporary style? That is the eternal question. Do you want a traditional parka style jacket with or do you want to push the boat out with modern styles? Whatever your choice, rest assured, we have it. Naketano jackets and Volcom jackets can outfit you either way, with long insulated parkas and stylish shorter slimmer modern jackets. Regardless of the weather condition, Iriedaily jackets have styles for every situation.

When your hoodie or sweatshirt just won't cut it

We all have a favourite hoodie or sweatshirt. When you go into the great outdoors though, you're going to need something more robust. It could be a fleece jacket to keep you warm in the frigid temperatures of January. Perhaps you need a windbreaker for stormy spring conditions or a water repellent jacket for autumn when it is pouring with rain outside. You might be looking for a light multi-purpose outdoor jacket for summer hiking or sports. Or maybe you are looking for a combination of all the above - a really warm rugged winter jacket that wet, cold and wind can't penetrate. Whatever your style is, we've got it!

Bright or Muted – your style, your choice!

Some people like to wear every colour of the rainbow, others are happy to wear subtler colours. Either way, it's fine with us. Black jackets are always classic, as are earthier tones of green or brown. If you want to borrow a leaf from snowwear trends, go with camo or military styles for your streetwear. Ortovox is a company that is not afraid to flash some colour, their technical clothing is perfect for outdoor pursuits and is manufactured with the highest quality.

Fit and features – how do you want to wear your coat?

You've decided on a new coat, great, but how do you want it to fit? Would you like a longer anorak raincoat like from Danish wet weather maestros rains? Or perhaps you want to keep wind and rain from your neck, well then it has to be a coat with a high collar or hood. If you want to throw your jacket on or off, hassle-free. Well, then go with a zipped jacket. Alternatively, if you're looking for a classic look, go for buttons. Make sure you have ample space for your stuff. Be it with side pockets, chest pockets or even an anorak with a big kangaroo pocket. Whatever your style, be sure we have a coat or jacket for you. At Blue Tomato, we have an enormous range for coats and jackets for men and women.