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Jeans - from protest symbol to must-have!

Jeans - the unisex fashion staple that's here to stay. Nowadays, everyone has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe, but, although our denim friends have been around for 150 years now, they weren't always as popular as they are now. Since their creation, jeans have morphed into all sorts of unconventional shapes and styles, and they still have the potential to cause a stir even today. Now a mainstay of the fashion world, the original jeans were made out of a material from Nîmes and exported from Italy as durable work trousers for gold-miners. It was through spoken word that the two town names of Genoa and Nîmes naturally came together to give us the term Denim jeans. The robust trousers we know today used to be as unacceptable to wear as a bikini or a t-shirt and so became more of a protest symbol than an everyday item of clothing. These days, jeans can be as rebellious or innocent as you want and it's almost impossible to imagine a life without them.

The Definition of Basic

When it comes to streetwear , jeans are an absolute classic. The basis of many an outfit, everybody has their preference when it comes to fit, shape and style. Whether you prefer your jeans skinny , baggy , boot cut or carrot cut; flared, ripped or boyfriend there's bound to be a pair of pants for you. If you're looking for a fashion all-rounder, look no further. While the style may vary wildly, there's one thing that most jeans have in common - five pockets . That is two back pockets, two front pockets and an additional mini pocket in one of the front pockets. Plenty of room for everything you need. Of course, the game changes slightly when we come to chinos or cargo pants.

Denims - the Usual Suspects

When it comes to skinny fit jeans, most brands use stretch denim for a more comfortable fit. Not only are these jeans super comfortable, they also do wonders for the figure, as countless rock stars have demonstrated. If it's skinny jeans you're looking for, check out brands like Volcom and Rip Curl . For straight fit jeans that will stretch those legs and suit any figure, have a look at brands like Carhartt and Reell . Nikita and Horsefeathers are ones to watch if you prefer a looser, more comfortable, baggy fit, but don't want to compromise on style. On top of all those options, there are also plenty of details and accessories that make a pair of jeans special. We're talking seams, buttons, pockets, rivets, studs, zips, colours and washes.

Is Heaven Any Sweeter than Blue Jeans? - Jeans in All their Glory

Keep the styles coming! Whether stonewashed , acid washed or bleached , you can never have enough options. Variety is the spice of life; leave the monotone trousers to everyone else. Maybe you love blue jeans maybe you don't, but if you're not on team blue jeans, don't worry! Colour lovers can find jeans in virtually any colour and design you can think of! And if different colours aren't enough for you, take a look at the Billabong and Roxy collections for wild printed jeans. Make your own mark in fashion history! Jeans tend to go best with a t-shirt and sneakers but you shouldn't let that limit you. In case you need some inspiration, Blue Tomato has assembled a few example outfits for you!