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The bandana – A mountain must-have!

Even pirates used to wear bandanas. The point behind it was not quite the same, but it was definitely the start of a something that nowadays it is difficult to imagine being without. Bandanas have gone a long way since, and from fashion accessories they have now become functional garments .

Icicles on your face? No thank you!

A bandana offers you optimal protection for your face against freezing winter temperatures. When you're ripping around at high speeds and in cold temperatures on the mountain, your face can quickly become freezing cold. Thanks to skin-friendly materials such as cotton, unpleasant itching and chaffing can be prevented. For extra comfort, there are also bananas with fluffy fleece lining , which you are sure to fall in love with.

Not just a simple neck scarf

A facemask offers you complete, wrap-around protection against the snow and cold so that you can completely concentrate on the run ahead of you. To prevent your goggles from fogging up, there are also models that feature ventilation holes . Your bandana stays dry and your view remains clear. Because it is not just your face that suffers in cold temperatures, a loop-style neckwarmer , or a neckwarmer with a fastener is ideal for offering you further, scarf-like protection against the wind and bad weather.

Whether patterned, flecked, knitted or woven, from black, red and white to paisley, the thickness, style and colour choices out there, from brands such as Burton , Airhole and Buff are huge. You are sure to find a new personal favourite to add to your wardrobe in your local Blue Tomato Shop, or in the online store.