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Skate Shoes

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Skate shoes – Protect your feet in style!

Your skate shoes are the link between your feet and your skateboard. Even the best set up won't do you any good if you can't rely on your shoes. Since the invention of skateboarding, brands have been coming up with new skate shoe technologies: Vans (1966) was one of the first brands to bring some great innovations to the market. Sk8-High or Half-Cab are terms that were used to describe skate shoes in the early 80s. The skate boom continued and soon global brands like Globe (1984), Etnies (1986) and DC Shoes (1993) made a name for themselves with their ankle-high skate shoes.

The perfect skate shoe – Lots of grip and even more durability

What differentiates a skate shoe from regular sneakers , anyway?It's easy: just imagine riding a skateboard in sandals, and you'll never want to go without skate shoes again!They have aparticularly grippy outsole that will give you a firm stance on your deck. An enlarged, flat shoe sole helps the grip tape work its magic. The fine profile will ensure that the rough surface of the deck and the texture of the sole lock into each other for maximum grip. A good pair of skate shoes needs good cushioning to withstand even the toughest landings. Kickflips over stair sets? No problem. Skate shoes offer the best protection for your feet without compromising flexibility and freedom of movement. The perfect solution for all skaters !It seems strange when you think about it: you drag your shoes over sandpaper overand over again and still expect them to last for years. But how else can you initiate an Ollie , a Kickflip or an Impossible ? A thin and light skate shoe will soon show signs of war and tear, even though you may find the extra boardfeel on your deck appealing. Strengthened Ollie areas and tougher materials are used to make skate shoes as durable as possible, but with one compromise: you lose out on boardfeel.

Shoe Goo and insoles for hardcore skaters!

If you don't want to give up your old kicks, Shoe Goo is the ultimate solution! When the material of your shoes has been all used up from countless Ollies or if your outsole is destroyed from dragging your foot along to brake, this tube of wonderful goo will help. Whether you're using it for prevention or repair – just apply some of this magical paste with a spatula and your shoes will be as good as new! The special PVC will keep it as flexible as it was before! Tough bails and failed landings are just part of skateboarding. A lot of brands try to protect your feet a bit better by producing insoles that you can use with any shoe. Impactis spread out across your foot in order to lessen the risk of ankle and foot injuries. You can simply cut them to the right size and shape for your shoe. The insoles are split into three parts: the gel heel gives you cushioning for hard landings. The Primo Pad under your middle foot gives you maximum protection for messed up flips, while the toe pad keeps plenty of flexibility and freedom of movement. So, whether you choose a hardcore skate shoe or you prefer a simple style with an insole, the choice is yours!But don't forget: you only have two feet, and you rely on them for skating, so protect them well with some high quality skate shoes from the huge range available at Blue Tomato !