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Warmth regulation and moisture-wicking – the perfect technical underwear

What do snowboarders, skiers and onions have in common? They have layers! Technical underwear is the answer to everything and should be the first layer you put on before you hit the snow. Here's how the layering principle works:1. Base layer (technical underwear)2. Insulation (fleece, tech hoodies, etc. )3. Shell (softshells, hardshells, outerwear)What use is the coolest snowboard outfit with the most stylish snowboard pants and awesome snowboard jacket if you always wear your old cotton shirt underneath and are soaked with sweat after three runs? Your baselayer , the layer of clothing closest to your skin, is more important than you think. Blue Tomato has everything you could dream of, from tech pants and tech socks all the way to tech shirts .

Properties of first layers

Advantages of technical underwear:

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Temperature regulation
  • Fast-drying
  • Lightweight
  • Odour reducing
  • Sometimes even antibacterial (only certain materials)

The temperature regulating properties of the undergarments keep your body temperature constant, drastically reducing the danger of overheating or overcooling. They also transport perspiration away from your body to keep you dry and warm. Special temperature zones accelerate the drying process. A seamless construction is very comfortable to wear and makes you forget you're even wearing a base layer!Technical underwear begins to work its magic right at the point where classic cotton shirts fail. Nothing is more uncomfortable than the clammy feeling of a wet shirt on your skin. It's your decision which material you would prefer to wear as a base layer. Criteria such as absorbency, weight and antibacterial treatments may play a role in your choice.

Technologies and features that you won't want to hide

Many brands offer great comfort and perfect temperature regulation thanks to the technical finesse they put into their tech layers.


Eivy doesn't only offer great prints, but also the perfect material for active days on the mountain. FABdry2™ is a 4-way-stretch material that is super comfortable, fast drying, and eliminates moisture.


Ortovox uses only the finest materials for its base layers. Merino 185 is a true all-rounder. It offers plenty of warmth on cold days and is also the perfect choice for warmer seasons. On particularly cold days, Merino 240 with its super soft lining is the ideal thermal layer. The Merino Competition collection has won several prices. A circular knitting method is used to give the garments a perfect fit and different body zones are mapped with different material thicknesses for ideal temperature regulation. Merino Competition is unmatched in terms of functionality, design, quality and sustainability. Merino Supersoft , as the name states, is super soft. The combination of two natural fibres, Merino and Lenzing Modal®, is super comfortable on the skin. Ortovox „ Rock'n'Wool " is perfect for anyone who loves colours! This technical underwear is made of 100 % merino wool, covers a wide spectrum of temperatures and regulates moisture and odour.


Armada swears by Polartec® Power Dry® for its technical skiing base layers. This material is known for being particularly warm and comfortable. The patented two-layer-knit construction is different on each side of the material. The inner surface transports moisture rapidly and the outer surface dries in a flash. Down and PrimaLoft® are also used for insulation.

Close fit or baggy? Base layers with style

Style may not be your first priority when choosing a base layer, but you have to agree that it's pretty important. However, it's the fit that's the main deciding factor. Your preferred fit might depend on how active you are on the mountain, how much you sweat and how quickly you feel cold. Close-fitting underwear has the best credentials when it comes to perspiration transport and insulation. When freedom of movement and style come into play, however, you may want to choose a slightly larger base layer. It's important to avoid chafing or your day will swiftly turn uncomfortable. There is also more feminine-fitted technical underwear, offering ladies a perfect fit. You might come across these types of fits :

  • Compression : this fit is for athletes that want muscle support from their tech layers. It's an ideal choice for low temperatures and high activity.
  • Fitted/semi-fitted: relatively close fitting, but still very comfortable to wear.
  • Relaxed : your first choice for spring shreds and park sessions.

A rule of thumb is that for technical underwear to unfold its full performance potential, it needs to touch the skin. That way, it can transport sweat and regulate warmth most efficiently. Airblaster offers super stylish ninja suit first layers that keep your whole body dry without limiting your freedom of movement. Burton have also caught on to this trend, but they also have plenty of classics in their selection. Long underwear, which you can also get in a comfortable ¾ length, is an important companion for hour-long fun in deep powder. Your upper body – depending on the temperature – is well protected with a long sleeve or tank top .

Functional underwear can only work together with at least one further layer. For this reason, it is important to look for snowboard pants and snowboard jackets with an appropriate water column and breathability rate. That is necessary for your first layer to perform effectively and transport sweat away from your body. Especially when it comes to cold temperatures or high-energy activities such as touring or split boarding, you should choose a high-quality membrane and good materials – even if it costs more. Blue Tomato has the perfect technical underwear to suit your needs on the mountain.