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50 % Hoodie, 50 % Jacket - 100 % Comfort

A hoodie is good, but a zip hoodie is somethingcompletely different. The zipper to put it on and off is only one of the manycharacteristics. You will quickly notice that such a sweatshirt with zip is a good choice in all weather conditions. Notonly does it give you reliable warmth and comfort, it's also on the forefront interms of style. A hood is of course a must, just like the perfect fabric blend:from cotton to fleece to polyester – sweatshirtjackets are available at Blue Tomato in a lot of different versions!

Hooded sweaters with zip have overtime become the hobby-horses of some manufacturers. Volcom , Fox and Billabong are just a few of the brands that inspire the masses with their style. But what distinguishes a zip hoodie?As the name already suggests, a zip hoodie cannot do without the hood and the zipper in particular. The former isusually equipped with casual cords to give you maximum flexibility. Most of the zippers come from the Japanese company YKK , world's largest zipper manufacturer - a quality mark to distinguish between good and bad sweat jackets. Even though the zipper is a very nice guy, it separates the kangaroo pocket, which you are used to from your hoodies, into two practical side pockets .

A monk's habit became a lifestyle icon

The origins of the hoodie can be found in the 1930s. The American clothing manufacturer Champion created this sweater for labourers working in the cold stores to protect them from freezing. It was adapted from the so-called "cowl", a kind of hood worn by monks in medieval times. Nowadays, however, you do not need a cold store or a monastery to wear a hoodie – it conquered cities by storm and is now omnipresent in everyday life, from skaters to hip-hoppers and to the weirdest hipster in the scene. You cannot do without! Why should you? After all, there is hardly any piece of clothing that's so stylish and incredibly comfortable at the same time. It was just a matter of time before the classic pullover was equipped with a zipper and so became a full zip hooded sweatshirt, as you name it when you put great emphasis on "political correctness". We do that only seldom, because you can call your zip hoodie whatever you like. Kazane for example does that in a very special way. If you do not yet own a zip hoodie, then don't wait any longer: countless cuts, colours and designs are waiting for you at BlueTomato !