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Loaded Dervish Sama 2.0 9" x 42.8" Flex 2 Complete

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Tried and tested with a new design!

Finally it's here - with a new design! Loaded was ahead of its time when they launched the first version of the Dervish in 2007. Even today it is one of the most popular boards ever. The deck of the Sama 2.0 has a raised tail and nose and a very dynamic look with sporty round cut grip tape. The Sama is the logical evolution of the old Dervish. Of the features, such as nose and tail and the coarser grip tape it is very similar to the Tan Tien, differs significantly in the application areas but by the longer wheelbase. This one drives more stable at higher speeds, which makes it a good freerider. It still retains good allround skills. With nose and tail you have many freestyle moves open and the larger footprint compared to Tan Tien also invites you to cross steps and a lot more. The coarser grip tape gives you more grip and control on slides and tempo rides. Available in 3 flex levels to match the flex to your personal weight or taste. Due to the concave, this longboard can be super curved. Thanks to the raised tails and the nose, you can also set off with insane tricks.

Different flex options

  • Flex 1: 170-250 + lbs / 75-114 + kg
  • Flex 2: 100-185 + lbs / 45-84 + kg
  • Flex 3: 75-150 + lbs / 35-68 + kg


Note: Wheel and truck colours may vary due to stock shortage.


  • Article number: 329389
  • Material Specification: bamboo
  • Riding Style: Freeriding
  • Width: 22,86 cm
  • Length (inch): 42,8 inch
  • Length (cm): 108,8 cm
    1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Construction Type/Ply: Bamboo, Fiber, Maple
  • Truck Mount: Drop-through
    drop-through or top-mount
  • Wheelbase: 31,5 inch
    Distance between front and rear truck. 1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Truck Width: 7 inch
    The outer width of the truck incl. the pin that holds the wheels. The truck width should approx. match the deck width. 1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Wheel Size: 75 mm
  • Hardness Wheels: 80A
    Usually from 75A (soft - silent, grip) to 101A (hard - fast, technical)
  • Complete board by Loaded
  • Deck: Loaded Dervish Sama made of bamboo and fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Deck with raised tail and nose
  • High quality 180 Paris axles
  • Orangatang In Heats Wheels
  • Ball Bearing: Powell Mini Logo Bearings

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About Loaded

For the past 10 years, Loaded have provided the industry with high quality, hand-made bamboo longboards and snowboards. Each and every board produced is the culmination of generations of skill and knowledge, and in the age of mass consumption Loaded is a much needed breath of fresh air. Instead of fighting competitors and trying to outsmart their fellow manufacturers, Loaded are fully dedicated to growing the board sports industry through performance, community, and creative expression.