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  • Loaded Tan Tien 8.75" x 39" Flex 2 Complete

    Loaded Tan Tien 8.75" x 39" Flex 2 Complete

    € 344.95
  • Loaded Bolsa CX 31" Surfskate

    Loaded Bolsa CX 31" Surfskate

    € 334.95
  • Loaded Icarus 38.4" Flex 2 Complete

    Loaded Icarus 38.4" Flex 2 Complete

    € 389.95
  • Loaded Icarus 38.4" Flex 1 Complete

    Loaded Icarus 38.4" Flex 1 Complete

    € 389.95
  • -19%
    Loaded Tan Tien 8.75" x 39" Flex 1 Complete

    Loaded Tan Tien 8.75" x 39" Flex 1 Complete

    € 279.95instead of € 344.95
  • Loaded Chinchiller 34" Complete

    Loaded Chinchiller 34" Complete

    € 369.95
  • Loaded Omakase 35.5" Complete

    Loaded Omakase 35.5" Complete

    € 319.95
  • Loaded Coyote 30.75" Complete

    Loaded Coyote 30.75" Complete

    € 229.95
  • Loaded Dervish Sama 2.0 9" x 42.8" Flex 2 Complete

    Loaded Dervish Sama 2.0 9" x 42.8" Flex 2 Complete

    € 349.95
  • Loaded Vanguard 8.5" x 42" Flex 2 Complete

    Loaded Vanguard 8.5" x 42" Flex 2 Complete

    € 334.95
  • -19%
    Loaded Bolsa C7 31" Surfskate

    Loaded Bolsa C7 31" Surfskate

    € 289.95instead of € 359.95

Loaded – a passion for boards

Passion for boards – with this principle Loaded started in the longboard world. For a group of crazy guys from Culver City, California, mere skateboarding was no longer enough. That’s why they decided in the mid-90s to create a board that combines the feeling of surfing and snowboarding. A mixture of surf- and snowboard on four wheels was needed.

The search for the right materials and production methods proved a bit trickier. The boys mounted every conceivable piece of wood with trucks and wheels. Also discarded snowboards were not safe from them. After a while, the devices became actually rideable. Really good, even. In September 2000 the crew decided to establish a company, Loaded. Already in June 2002 they released their first longboard, the “Vanguard”.

This was the beginning of a success story. Meanwhile, Loaded is one of the veterans of the longboard scene. Their mission is clear and they have infected us with their passion: “We love skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing and we want to see them all expand and be successful.”

Ambassadors of a lifestyle

Loaded very deliberately goes without commercial teamriders. Instead, the brand supports so-called „ambassadors“. When Loaded selects riders, not only the skating and the reputation of the brand are important. The riders are critical product testers for Loaded, teachers, role models in the scene and simply friends.

The program was created to nurture talent and to push the longboard industry. Loaded positions itself very clear: „We are not out to create celebrity. We aim to educate and develop better people.”

Loaded Boards – produced and tested with passion

The skateboard industry is in constant change. The Loaded designers did not sleep, but have done quite a bit of development work. An in-house project team works around the clock at the perfect shapes. The Loaded ambassadors give the designers valuable info from their practice tests.

Meanwhile, the product range consists of more than just longboards. With their freeride and race glove-collection and their own wheels and bearings the assortment offers everything the longboard heart desires. „We build what we want to ride!“

Perfectly matched completes for your riding style – Loaded has them ready for you

Loaded produces almost all of their boards in different flex versions. So you and your riding style decide which hardness you want to ride.

All shapes match perfectly with their own wheels by Orangatang and thus provide each longboarder with the best individually customized package.

The completes are almost exclusively delivered with ParisTrucks. Those trucks are known as one of the best longboard trucks that you can mount on your deck. Soft, deep turns, quick response and premium quality.
In short, the perfect base for Loaded Longboards!

The right wood core provides the best feeling

Loaded constantly tests new design variants for each model. Especially on their Bhangra-deck the boys experimented with many different sorts of resin. At last they have decided for an extremely soft and moist resin. Thus the soft flex is supported and you will get the desired smooth ride. Perfect for dancing!

The Kanthaka has initially obtained its charm through the special construction. The core of the board is made of a special bamboo, supported by a fibreglass buildup. This ensures stability at high speed and at the same time gives crispy pop to any trick. The Loaded Kanthaka is the right deck for anyone who is looking for a symbiosis between freestyle longboarding, tech-sliding and streetstyle skateboarding.

The Loaded Tan Tien is, next to the Dervish Sama, one of the best allrounders on the longboard market. Depending on the truck set up, the average size allows you to ride extremely agile turns in the city. Nevertheless, it is still long enough to give stability for freeriding with great slides. Due to the bamboo/fibreglass construction the Tan Tien is extremely lightweight and thus becomes a brilliant freestyle board as well.

Of course Loaded also has a card up its sleeve for all the downhill enthusiasts. The Chubby Unicorn is an absolute high-end raceboard. Rocker shape, bold W concave, deep grab rails, Orangatang urethane side walls, UHMW bottom and integrated wheel flares are just some of the technologies that can be found in this elegant downhill board.

An alternative for the Chubby Unicorn is the Tesseract. This freeride longboard comes in 3 variants.

  • Tesseract
  • Cantellated Tesseract
  • Truncated Tesseract
All these boards have a cork layer on the bottom that absorbs vibrations and thus improves the riding experience enormously.

Orangatang wheels – Find the right ones for you!

Downhill: The "In Heats (75 mm)“ or the "4 President (70 mm)" wheels are suitable for long distances at high speed. Because of their special form the side lips ensure more grip on the street. Hence these two products are the absolute downhill/carving and slalom specialists.

Freeride: When you are more into freeriding and cool slides, you're perfectly equipped with “The Durians (75 mm)“. The extreme width of the wheels produces more friction and thus more scope for sliding and tricks. "The Stimulus (70 mm)“, however, is the perfect allrounder that can be combined superbly with many different longboards.

Whether you choose a complete set or arrange your own setup – at Blue Tomato you can browse the different models and find your perfect Loaded Longboard! Not only will you get a quality product, but also the corresponding lifestyle. Stay Loaded!