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By Skaters, For Skaters: RIP N DIP

When Ryan O'Connor went on a skate camp in Ohio in 2009 he realised he wanted the board he rides to be unique. He adorned his with the words " RIP 'N' DIP " and a brand was born. It wasn't long before the kids at the camp started to do the same to their own skateboards. Ryan saw his chance and came back the next year with a bunch of Rip N Dip t-shirts in tow. They sold like hot cakes. He had secured his first victory and, at the same time, his first screen printing machine . Ryan's garage became his workplace and he printed every shirt he could get his hands on with graphics and prints he'd designed himself, handing out the brand new Rip N Dip shirts to skateboarders in skate parks with his friends.It was a successful tactic that lead the brand straight to Los Angeles where the Rip N Dip headquarters are located today. Their team of passionate skaters are dedicated to bringing us the best quality streetwear day in, day out.

LORD NERMAL - The Crazy Cat behind the Pocket

The majority of Rip N Dip's hilarious, crazy designs are the work of Jay Lemperle, a New York based artist and illustrator. His graphics are what give Rip N Dip's products that little extra something, turning each one into a cheeky little masterpiece featuring aliens, cats and middle fingers. If you're a cat lover, you're bound to have seen it - the pocket tee with the small, white cat peeping out from behind the sewn on pocket. The cat, known as "Lord Nermal" has achieved cult status and is a mainstay of the Rip N Dip family. As well as making iconic t-shirts, Rip N Dip also make Skateboard Decks and accessories like socks and caps .Nermal will come with you wherever you go, whether you're at home or on your skateboard. Shop your perfect Rip N Dip Outfits at Blue Tomato.For all those who don't know what that looks like, take your standard skate style, spread a little art on it and season the whole thing with a little bit of cat.