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Skullcandy – The Story

How ironic that a skull logo stands for awesome sounds that make you feel great!
It is us, the young generation, that really feels an inseparable connection to music, meaning that it has to be accessible anywhere, any time. In order for listening pleasure to reach goose bump-status, the right equipment is necessary. Luckily, that’s where Skullcandy comes in.

In 2003, Rock Alden founded the label Skullcandy, with its headquarters in Park City, Utah. Since then, the actions sport scene has been supplied with pounding beats and powerful sounds by this premium brand.

With its great features, the label with the skull logo has firmly established itself in the extreme sports scene. Whether we’re talking deep powder snowboarding, grinding tricks in the park or downhill biking, everywhere the solid grip and high quality audio-playback of these earbuds, headphones and speakers are in high demand.

With so many great features, there is only one direction for Skullcandy to go - up! And that is exactly where the label is going! In 2008, America’s Fortune Magazine called Skullcandy’s Earbuds “The coolest in the world!” Not only an amazing distinction, but a well-deserved one! These are products that truly combine the kick of extreme sports performance with a pure passion for life.

Design and Functionality

When it comes to the appearance and functionality of music devices, Skullcandy is among the best. Just take a look at the Smokin Bud 2 Series, and you’ll notice something different. Something scarily, pleasantly different! We already know the boring design from the competition out there, and it is definitely out. Skullcandy covers new ground, without ever letting functionality out of its sight. Bright colours and striking design features stand out and stir interest, making these headphones and earbuds into real eye catchers!

Action Sports feat. Music Biz.

Cool collaborations increase the style power of Skullcandy products even more. The Roc Nation Aviator headphones series is influenced by rapper Jay-Z. Even Mr. Laidback himself, rapper Snoop Dogg has been immortalized in the design of two Skullcandy Crusher models.

Innovation and Progress

Just as in snowboarding and free skiing, the label with the skull logo also counts when it comes to innovative progress. Its super technology ensures pure musical enjoyment during sporting action. Novel designs ensure that the earbuds in your ears are bombproof, while the high-tech electronics provide precise, punchy sound – ideal for action sport use! And, of course, gamers are also catered for. Advanced wireless surround sound technology makes sure that every gaming experience is as unique as it is alive.

Do your old headphones sound like they come from an old black and white telly from the ice age? Then it is time for you to try out some headphones from Skullcandy! You will be amazed at how lively, defined and punchy digital music can be.

Such a powerful headset is a must-have for every set of action sport equipment. After all, it is music that makes a good mood into a perfect one! Have a look in our shop at our 2015 Skullcandy products.