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  • Flow Fuse Carbon 2023 Snowboard Bindings

    Flow Fuse Carbon 2023 Snowboard Bindings

    € 369.95
  • Flow NX2 Hybrid 2023 Snowboard Bindings

    Flow NX2 Hybrid 2023 Snowboard Bindings

    € 399.95
  • Flow Mayon 2024 Snowboard Bindings

    Flow Mayon 2024 Snowboard Bindings

    € 249.95

Flow Snowboarding - a Revolution in Snowsports

Flow has been blazing trails through the snowboard industry ever since founders Neil Pryde and Reinhard Hansen decided to revolutionise the snowboard binding in the middle of the 90’s. Their plan worked and in 1996 the brand brought the first ever speed-entry binding to the market. Much has changed since then; snowboarding has developed massively and riders are demanding more and more from their equipment. Of course, Flow has grown with the industry and now produce a range of highly technical, top quality snowboard bindings, boots and boards for the whole mountain and their team riders, Sarka Pančochová and Tim Humphreys, have been cleaning up on the world circuit.

Easy Entry Bindings with Active Strap Technology

Flow offer more high quality speed entry soft bindings for men, women and kids than anyone else on the market. Designed to perfection, ultra-light, super stable and fitted with new Active Strap Technology, strapping in has never been easier. When you open up the reclining high back the strap automatically lifts you up, reducing friction and giving you more room to easily step in and out. Once closed, the patented Power Triangle System creates a triangular geometry for optimal energy transfer from highback to baseplate. Flow bindings also have a number of other advantages over other bindings:

  • Once you’ve fine-tuned your binding once, you never have to do so again, giving you plenty more time to shred!
  • It’s never been easier to strap in, putting you a step ahead of the competition.
  • Wide Power Straps cover your whole mid-foot for balanced pressure distribution from ankle to toe, minimizing pressure points for a super comfy ride.
  • Flow Hibacks fully recline for easy in and out and feature PowerTriangle cables to direct energy from your highback straight into your baseplate for better board feel and control.

Snowboards - the Right Model for Every Rider

The guys and girls at Flow do more than just bindings, they also have an excellent selection of snowboards that have won awards such as the “Future Snowboarding Award” and the “Good Wood Award” from shred mag Transworld Snowboarding - proof that they know what they’re doing when it comes to building boards. There’s a board for every rider, whether male or female, old or young. They make kid’s boards, boards with a range of rocker and camber variations, twin tips and directional freeride boards - there’s truly something for everyone. Particularly worth mentioning is Flow’s Whiskey Technology which transfers power from your bindings and focuses energy in the most important areas of your board for a more responsive, smoother ride and greater edge hold.

Flow Boots - Like Riding Barefoot

To finish off the holy trinity of board, binding and boots, Flow have brought “BareFoot Technology” to the snowboard boots party. The boot is an extension of your leg; it’s the thing that connects you to your bindings which connect you to your snowboard… so, it’s pretty important to get the right boots. Flow boots feature a refined sole system and are thermo formable, making them super comfy to wear, whilst their five layer Vibram™ outsoles are ultra-grippy and absorb impacts like nothing else. The inners support your feet and all of Flow’s boots’ soles are designed to make stepping in to your bindings even easier, whilst giving you absolutely optimum grip.

When combined, Flow boards, bindings and boots will make you absolutely unstoppable. Sound good to you? Check out the current Flow Snowboarding collection at Blue Tomato.

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