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Bent Metal


Bent Metal – Mervin Made in the USA

Imagine, 30 years of expertise in environmental minded high performance snowboard bindings. A snowboard legacy built into each binding, hand laminated at Mervin MFG. in the USA. They just take an idea, turn out a prototype and test it all in one day at the Mervin Testing Grounds. Mike Olsen and Pete Saari came up with the idea to build the world’s most environMENTAL zero hazardous waste producing factory by the people who ride them.

The people at Bent Metal and Mervin aim for the highest performance there is and Mervin’s is the leading designer and manufacturer of snowboarding, surfing, skiing and skateboarding products.

Three constructions

Jamie Lynn
When you think of freestyle snowboarding, you think of Jamie Lynn. An inspiration for a whole new batch of riders and team rider for Bent Metal. With his Bent Metal Transfer binding, he still crushes the frontside 360s like it's still the mid 90’s.


This perfect all-terrain snowboard binding is a combination of Engineered Polymer Highback and a responsive Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate for that precise freestyle/freeride performance and control in every situation.

Eric Jackson
This Lib Tech’s prodigal child has turned into a bearded freestyle king of the mountain of which snowboarding has never seen before. With his Solution binding, no parks, pipe or mountain is  safe.

This Aggressive Lightweight Performance bindings feature Lightweight Carbon Fibre that provides the precision and power to put down the line of your dreams.

Ted Borland
This big-rail lover isn’t called Big Smooth for nothing. Putting in years at Mt.Snow and mixing it up with rail jams and sessions, his riding really blossomed when he moved to Utah and became an all-terrain Brighton ruler. With his best mate, the Logic, on his feet, no mountain is too big.

The Logic:

Dynamic freestyle integration. The softest flex control in combination of a Urethane Highback and Bi-Axial fibre Drive Plate unites with your boot giving the freedom and movement you want at your freestyle.

Flex Control Drive Plates

Three composites that are unique and Mervin made. Three unique performance rides.

  • Coextruded bottom sheet
  • Fibre Modifier
  • Lightweight core
  • Fibre modifier
  • Eco sublimated bottom sheet
  • Fibre reinforced nylon carriage
Forged Aluminium Buckles – get the ultimate strength with the hardened formula but still has the lightweight with smooth entry and release.

Light form toe strap –
maximum performance with this lightweight, dynamic strap.

Light form ankle strap –
structural performance core and lightweight. Advanced IMEVA foam pad, extremely comfortable and lightweight.

Revolutionary cube –
this cube allows you to forward your lean as fast and as easily as ever before.

Pivot disk –
2 x 4 channel mounting pattern compatibility. Reduced size, increases true board flex zone and drive plate power.

The Bent Metal Team is a no-nonsense squad of snowboarding powerhouses, who are dedicated to bringing to life the world’s best bindings.

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