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RVCA, A balance of the opposites


Setting the scene with a simple clean aesthetic, RVCA emerged in 2001 as a unique standalone brand. Founder, Pat Tenore, presses his belief that “commerce and creativity shouldn’t be mutually exclusive” into his clothing and ethos.

The Artist Network Programme (ANP)

Tenore envisioned a platform to give artists an opportunity to showcase their work but also be supported through his company. Designs are made from scratch, with the creator's name printed on the apparel. RVCA promotes exhibitions and funds for independent and mainstream artists.

Going Against the grain.

This is not about following trends, but the meaning behind the clothing company is supporting a community of artists, charities, friends, skaters, surfers, photographers and mix Martial artists. Setting a balance, and opposing the opposites. The logo itself, which reads as “RUCA” has the chevrons VA shortened to symbolise this idea of equalising energies. The appeal of the brand has extended far beyond the local skate and surfers, now everyone is eagerly awaiting the next edgy, limited edition ANP clothing. The hand selected artists give each batch a completely different look, feel and influence. The Global graphics are high quality the printing carefully considered and precise detailing. If you want to keep up with all the latest RVCA prints and styles, check out our limited edition range of casual t-shirts , long sleeved tops, men’s caps and a killer women’s collection too.