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HUF (144)


As a child of the eighties skating the unforgiving streets of NY, Keith Hufnagel submerged himself into the then outcast, counterculture that was skateboarding. Leaving his unruly mark as “HUF ONE” around streets and alcoves with friends. This tagline stuck with him as Hufnagel pursued his passion and pressed on moving to San Francisco to turn pro. This gave him the opportunity to travel the world.

As Hufnagel began making a name for himself and product and clothing deals started being contracted, Keith naturally drew to his tag line to shape his brand’s name. Presented with the opportunity to travel the world (at a point skating under Supreme skate team) namely Europe and the Far East, the culture influx influenced not only his skating style but the direction that the brand would take.

Transitioning into a clothing line

Upon return, Hufnagel decided to open a retail store in San Francisco whereby skate, streetwear and sneakers were sold. With the public taking a solid interest in the products Keith had picked out and put together, he decided to begin to produce his own branded clothing. Starting small with accessories such as hats and t-shirts . This took off quickly to, developing into a full clothing line and HUF was born.

Keeping skateboarding as a creative outlet

Now, HUF’s popularity has continued to grow, with premium streetwear clothing, HUF shoessocks , caps, skateboarding goods and accessories. The brand remains to stay true to its skateboarding roots and creative direction. He believes that skateboarding as lifestyle can integrate people together and can be used as a creative outlet wherever you find yourself.