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It is time to act!

Once upon a time there was a long, severe Winter. Frequent snowfalls, high cornices and enough powderdays. Sounds like a fairytale of a perfect winter. Well, reality looks differently. Sticky artificial snow, christmas in shorts and temperatures over +10 degrees in February make clear that something has to be changed. We from Blue Tomato love the winter and  want to protect our winter. This is why we partnered with POW Austria.

What is POW?

Daniela Hochmuth © Lisa Günther
Daniela Hochmuth © Lisa Günther

Protect Our Winters was founded in 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones , as an social organization. The daughter organisation in Austria is existing since May 2015. The aim of POW is to give the wintersport community a voice, and this with success. It's time that not only lobbyists and old men make politics. the climate change affects us all and with the help of an active community of skiers and snowboarders we can achieve something.

POW does not only support regional projects, but leads educational initiatives and campaigns in order to gain awareness about climate protection. One snowflake doesn't make a winter, many snowflakes together, however, make a powderday. Equally can many enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders make a difference.

POW is the voice of the wintersport community.

Blue Tomato & POW

Lena Gressoney © Dani Schießl

"For me winter is more than just a season. Due to my home village Schladming, my connection with the snowboardscene, I am, since the foundation of Blue Tomato, a so called "winterholic". Watching the climate change without doing something is no option. I am of the opinion, that it is time to do something against climate warming. The partnership between Protect Our Winters and Blue Tomato is not only logical but also a matter of the heart.“ - Gerfried Schuller, CEO Blue Tomato

Same ideals, shared interests and social engagement – are the perfect fundamentals for a partnership. Together with POW we want to fight climate change and raise awareness about the issue. Mutual support with various on- and offline projects as well as events are only one part of this common future. Moreover Blue Tomato Teamriders like Lisa Veith, Fried Kolar and Alex Reiter are already members of these engaged climate protection activists.

"For me it's no question that we are responsible of the climate change, even if many claim that such global warmings would be normal." - Lisa Veith, snowboarder/surfer/skater

Get Involved!

POW Products
POW Products

Climate Change is not alien to you? And the ongoing rising snowline or the melting of glaciers neither? Then – what can you personally do to protect our winter?

POW listen under the so called POWSEVEN how you can get involved. In a nutshell: inform yourself, get involved and share your knowledge with as many people as possible. It’s easy to go skiing and boarding on a small footprint.
Of course you can get a member of POW as well. Check out the hompage: www.protectourwinters.ator have a look on facebook for more information.

Another really stylish option to contribute your share, is to have a look in our Online Shop. POW products not only aid POW financially but help to spread the message as well.

Join in! Together we can Protect Our Winters!

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