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Plenty of storage and a good load distribution - Backpacks

Your handbag can only hold the bare necessities - what if you want to carry more? A backpack has become an indispensible part of everyday life. Whether for school, university or work – it accompanies you wherever you go. The service provided by handbags is offered by backpacks much more efficiently and with more comfort. The load is distributed on at least two adjustable shoulder straps which are, at higher loads, supported by sternum straps as well as waist belts. The better the weight is moved to the middle of the body, the lighter the backpack seems to be. Your health will thank you for that as well. The weight is oriented towards the centre of your body to relieve pressure on your spine. Like this you can even take your T-shirts , jackets , shoes and socks on your trekking tour without recognising the litres packed. Just as men and women dress differently and have different tastes, their opinions on what a backpack should look like differ as well. One cannot do without technical features, while the other puts more emphasis on the external appearance. However, both preferences can be combined in one backpack to get the technology and the desired look. Especially brands like Herschel and adidas Originals offer attractive styles. Water resistant materials keep the interior dry. Soft and ergonomic carrying systems and back panels offer comfort. Exterior pockets make water bottles quickly accessible and sleeves give magazines and periodicals a save place. When you have even more items to store, there are extra pockets for accessories like sunglasses and headphones . If you want to take your skateboard or longboard with you, you can attach it to your backpack and keep your hands free.

Protection for the valuable things inside – whether laptop sleeve or phone cover

Many items have to be packed separately inside a backpack. You do not want your laptop bumping around in your backpack without extra protection, just as you do not want scratches on your mobile- or tablet screen, or breaking pencils. Of course we also offer backpacks with extra compartments for those items that have already the necessary padding. If that's not enough for you, you can also grab an extra laptop sleeve and phone cover. Next to the protection of the content, the looks are also important. Since pencil cases are not only used by school kids anymore, the designs have adapted to the aging generation. Wallets made of leather or other quality materials are responsible for the financial and card management.

Every lady's true companion - the hand bag

Buying a handbag is something that requires a little more consideration than, say, a backpack. It needs to be able to accommodate your day-to-day necessities as well as everything else, ideally whilst maintaining at least a vague sense of order. Whether you're looking for a bag with plenty of compartments, something to dump all your stuff in, or just something that looks good, you're bound to find your new favourite bag in our collection. For a more surf-inspired style, check out brands like Rip Curl , Billabong and Roxy .

More storage, more style - shoulder bags

A useful extension of the handbag is the shoulder bag . They have even more space for you to carry books or papers to school or university in a most fashionable way. They combine a handbag's chic with a backpack's space. Taller shoulder bags are robust partners for the gym or short trips. You can even put your shoes or streetwear in it.

Travelling by car, train or plane – travel bags and trolleys

Not all bags are the same. On the road you need different sizes for different requirements. One time you travel just with a hand luggage, next time you're on a skiing holiday. When you take your boots and riding equipment with you, you need a board bag or ski bag and a boot bag . Special travel bags give a maximum of storage, while still complying with the size requirements of airlines. Oversized luggage belongs to the past. They withstand rough handling because of their reinforced bottoms and corners. In case you bring home too much stuff from your travels, you can extend the volume. Before you reach your car, train or plane you first have to drag your luggage there. Trolleys make the arrival and departure much easier with retractable telescope handles and solid wheel systems. To make sure nothing is lost during the journey you can lock the zippers or just close the locks. To prepare you for any situation, Burton offers you a collection in uniform designs and different sizes. This way you have the right size for any situation while staying true to your style. Many manufacturers also offer separate compartments or even separate parts in the bag, like Dakine does. You can find a large selection of bags for special requirements at Blue Tomato.