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Credits: TSG, Photo by Hans Friedrich. TSG Teamrider Matty Carlisle.
Credits: TSG, Photo by Hans Friedrich. TSG Teamrider Matty Carlisle.

Concrete and asphalt - things that we don't want to land on with our hands, elbows, knees or heads. Until the end of the 80's, if a trick went wrong skateboarders had to be creative with their approach to protection. Provisionally put-together protectors and improvised helmets had to serve as their protective gear. The result was anything but funny in terms of effective skate protection. In order to offer better, reliable protection, in 1988 Titus Dittmann, a passionate skateboarder, founded the brand TSG. Since 2005, TSG has been owned by Ruedi Herger and his partner, who have taken over and developed the brand.
The goal is to develop high-quality protection without restricting the wearer's freedom of movement when skating. Not only functional, but also stylish - TSG protective wear is fully in-tune with the skateboarding scene and its unique style. TSG gear is also fully tested by the team, certified and guaranteed to meet all the highest quality standards.


Reliable protection, a perfect fit and complete comfort – three key elements to any TSG product.

Perfectly fitting, comfy helmets? This technology makes it possible:

  • Tuned Fit System: different-thickness comfort pads make it easy to adjust the sizing.
  • Dial Fit System: with the help of a wheel at the base of the head, helmet size can quickly be adjusted.
  • Snug Fit: anatomically shaped designs mean slipping and wobbling are things of the past.
  • FlexTech Instant Fit: different, interconnected EPS foam segments allow the helmet to bend and adapt perfectly to the shape of the wearer's head.

And for the rest of your body, TSG ensures your safety with the following, cutting-edge technologies:

  • D3O: this soft, flexible material stiffens upon impact, absorbing even more energy.
  • ARTi-LAGE: this material mimics human cartilage. On impact, the soft foam becomes a hard shell.
  • Memory Foam: comfort meets protection. While comfortable to wear, Memory Foam also absorbs energy during an impact.
  • EVA: Resistant at even the lowest of temperatures to stress cracking and also shock-absorbing, EVA is a top performer, especially in combination with hard shell protectors.


It all began with a skate helmet by TSG... TSG helmets feature a low fit design. They cover as much of your head as possible without restricting your field of view or your freedom of movement when you are skating. If you get to close to the asphalt, these helmets will protect you.

So that you can carve your turns worry-free in winter with your snowboard on the slopes or in fresh powder, TSG also make snowboard helmets . TSG helmets ensure you keep a cool head around the clock, thanks to the integrated Air Flow System. Simply close the ventilation slots to keep the heat inside when it gets colder. Thanks to the detachable ear pads, your snowboard helmet is not only suitable for use in the winter, but also for those spring shred sessions. From classic colours like black or white, to colourful combinations and witty designs - here, everyone can find their perfect snow and skateboard accessories.


Credits: TSG, Photo by Fabian Walter. TSG Teamrider Elias Ambühl.
Credits: TSG, Photo by Fabian Walter. TSG Teamrider Elias Ambühl.

For those of you who prefer to pull tricks with their BMX, or go down the mountain on two wheels, TSG bike helmets  offer maximum protection.

Sometimes a helmet alone is not enough. This is why TSG offers you protective gear and accessories to look after you from head to toe. Choose from a wide range of TSG protectors  and create your own personal protection system.

To give you an idea of what's on offer, here's a brief overview:

  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Back protectors
  • Crash pants
  • Slide gloves
  • Biking gloves
  • Wristguards


First and foremost is not the products alone, but a passion for the sport. TSG supports various non-profit organisations and projects, including Skateistan and Skate-Aid. Setting aside religion, ethnicity and politics, children living in war zones and areas of crisis can skateboard and come together. By purchasing a charity product, you can help TSG support these organisations and projects.

The style and technology behind their products means a TSG purchase is always a good idea. Knowing that you can help others live their passion is yet another great reason to opt for TSG! After all, as we already mentioned, 'if you've got a brain, protect it!'