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Penny Skateboards


Once upon a time…

Do you know the feeling when you notice how great the past was, once you've grown old? Penny Boards were created for this reason. The small manoeuvrable boards made of plastic conquer the streets of your hometown since 2011 and give you back the feeling you've been missing for a long time. Experience the story of this cult brand here at Blue Tomato !

Penny Skateboards – Australian Lifestyle

The foundations of the company were laid early on in Ben Mackay' s life. The founder of the successful skate company got his first plastic skateboard at the early age of five from his father. " Skateboarding was electric! " said the Australian about his first contact with the skate scene .From then on his whole life revolved around one thing only: skateboarding. After he had left school at age 15, he began an apprenticeship as a carpenter. Skateboarding was and always remained the constant in his life. So therefore Mackay decided to start producing his own skateboards at the end of the 90s. However, it took a whole decade before the first Penny Skateboard was made.He began experimenting with different shapes and materials in his parents' garage in Australia . Soon his small brand fell into place and he pressed his first own wooden boards. In 2011, after 12 years of experience in the skate business, he decided to design a new deck. He wanted to return to the roots of his own skateboarding history, to his plastic board. Ben Mackay knew: " There's more to do with skateboarding!" The first skateboards of the present cult brand were produced and the success story began. Penny Skateboards have gained a permanent place in the cruiser scene. The small boards are perfect for trips through the city. Tight turns are no longer a problem for you! The small lightweight boards are furthermore very easy to transport .The Penny Original with 22" and its big brother with 27" feel at home in every urban jungle. The target group is no longer just the core of native skaters. Thanks to the wide range of designs and the wide selection of boards the brand developed into a cult-brand with a high recognition value.

Small Cruiser, big impact

The biggest difference with other brands is clearly the material. Instead of exotic sorts of wood or fibreglass the Australians use plastic and are incredibly successful with that. The plastic skateboards first conquered the American market and have now internationally made a name for themselves. The decks are in no way comparable to the plastic decks from the 80s. Penny Skateboards stands for high quality. The boards are durable, stable, easy to steer and most of all one thing: a lot of fun!From the trucks to the perfect wheels – Penny embodies the love of skateboarding like few other brands.The Penny Australian Crew proves with Dylan Hallam and Mikey Barber in their video "South" that Penny Skateboards can be used for much more than just the short shopping trip in the city.

Once buried, it is gone – the Penny Organic

Penny has conjured up an absolute gem for eco-conscious skaters. When it is time for a new deck, then you can dispose of your old deck with a clear conscience. 1. Step: Dig hole. 2. Step: Say goodbye. 3. Step: Bury skateboard. 4. Step: Rejoice to have acted ecologically.Penny does not tell us how this chemical process within the earth exactly functions. Suffice it to say: The deck reacts with enzymes in the ground and decomposes itself. So, if you've previously decided against a plastic skateboard for the sake of the environment, then the Organic is your skateboard!You want to conquer the streets on a colourful plastic cruiser and revel in old memories? Then grab your colour and the right size at Blue Tomato !