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Oakley - Trail-Blazing Eyewear

Around 30 years ago Jim Jannard founded the Californian brand Oakley. It all started with an idea and a strong will. In 1975, Jim set up his own company and has had just one aim ever since: when it comes to functionality and looks, his products should always be a cut above the rest.Oakley’s first project was motorbike handgrips, which he sold from the back of his car, and which quickly became incredibly popular. But it was the O Frame® Goggle that was the real breakthrough. These motocross goggles featured perfectly cylindrical lenses, bringing the riders clarity of vision that they had never before experienced, as well as massively extending the width of their peripherals.Soon after, Oakley expanded their product line to include sunglasses and snowboard goggles, revolutionising the market in 1984 with their “Eyeshades®”. In 1986 the brand released yet more sunglass models, which featured the first interchangeable lens system.So that’s how Oakley’s story began and how it is sure to continue: with multiple innovations and game changing developments.Oakley’s wealth of ideas isn’t limited to sports glasses either; their range includes countless other products too. From accessories, shoes, backpacks, to snowwear and streetwear, their products embody that same Oakley spirit of innovation and feature cutting edge technologies and stunning features.

Oakley Technologies

To help you understand all the different technology crammed into Oakley products, we’ve prepared this quick rundown of the most important technologies:

Optical Superiority - Sunglass Technology

High Definition Optics® (HDO®)HDO® has been specially designed to meet the demands of the world’s best athletes.

  • Clearer, sharper, unimpaired vision
  • Millimetre precise vision without the shifted view you get from inferior lenses
  • Unrivalled impact protection of the best lens material in the world
  • 100 % UV filter
HD PolarizedHD Polarized sunglasses and goggles create an optical force field around your eyes
  • Single coated, adhesive-free lens for ultimate clarity
  • Infusion moulded lenses for serious glare protection
  • Precision filtering punches glare in the gut
  • Variety of lens tints for optimum depth perception
Lens tints
  • Balanced light transmission and reduced glare
  • Improved depth perception and colour recognition

Photocromic lensesWith Transitions® SOLFX™ photochromic technology, your lenses adjust to changing light conditions.

  • Flexible lenses that intelligently adapt to changing light conditions
  • 100 % UV filter
  • Better depth perception
  • HDO® for unrivalled clarity
UV protectionPlutonite® lenses keep out all UV rays - even with clear lensed Oakley glasses and goggles
  • Plutonite® filters out 100 % of all UVA, UVB and UVC rays
  • Integrated into the lens
  • Lens shape prevents UV penetration from the sides and from above
Impact protectionANSI impact tests prove the high safety standard of Oakley lenses
  • Resists impacts from slow moving heavy objects
  • Resists impacts from fast moving light objects
  • Plutonite® lenses provide optimum protection
Prescription framesOakley TWINSHOCK™ and MONOSHOCK™ hinges combine flexibility, comfort and fit with style.Twinshock™
  • Precision hinges maintain a comfortable fit
  • Stems glide back in to position if opened a little too far
  • Made of a light C-5 alloy
  • Extremely light C-5 frame
  • Made of titanium
  • Stems glide back in to position if opened a little too far
HydrophobicThe unique hydrophobic coating prevents moisture build-up on lenses.
  • Prevents moisture build-up
  • Smear and dirt resistant
  • Easy-clean lenses
Frame construction3-point fit keeps your glasses in exact optical alignment, whatever happens.
  • Optical alignment for sharp, accurate vision
  • Impact absorption for improved safety
  • Geometries that extend peripheral view
PRIZM™ Lens TechnologyOakley's innovative, bioengineered technology ;PRIZM™ helps improve difficult contrast and visibility conditions
  • Enhances contrast and visibility in the snow
  • Boost of sensitive colours while filtering the rest
  • Result: clear sight and crisp details

Oakley Clothing Technology

Even Oakley’s snowwear is chock full of innovations to keep those smiles on the faces of skiers and snowboarders everywhere.

  • Dynamic insulation: 3-layer waterproof, breathable Dermizax™ EV fabric
  • Critically sealed fleece seams with 3M™ Thinsulate™ support
  • 3-in-1 compatible: fleeces, multi-layer jackets and multi-layer vests can be combined with zips
  • Double magnets keep hoods and windbreakers in the right place
  • Carbon X: innovative fire protection
  • Gore-Tex®: waterproof, breathable and windproof
  • Windstopper®: windproof and breathable
  • Hydrogauge™ 10, 15 or 20 for breathability and water resistance
  • Ohydrolix™ : attracts and traps moisture in
  • Hydrofree™: repels moisture
  • Primaloft SPORT®: Premium performance isolation.
  • RECCO®: avalanche rescue system

Oakley Stops at Nothing - Hello Sport, Free-time and Film

Oakley has a long list of athletes who do more than just appreciate the quality of Oakley glasses, they rely on them. Whether in the snowboard, skate, surf or motocross scenes, or even in a number of ball sports, Oakley is there to help.It’s not just O Team riders like Ryan Sheckler and Luan Oliveira who swear by Oakley products, but stars like Gretchen Bleiler, Michaela Shiffrin and Rune Glifberg too.It’s no wonder then that Oakley has brought out a number of men’s and women’s ranges with a number of their pros. There’s the Shaun White Collection goggles, plus signature series from the likes of Danny Kass, Seth Morrison, Shane McConkey, Aksel Lund Svindal, Eero Ettala, Jamie Anderson and Lindsey Vonn.You’ll even find the Oakley Pro Rider outerwear series, featuring collaborations with such names as Kai Mahler, Stale Sandbech, Sean Petite, Richard Permin and Tanner Hall.“Being an athlete doesn’t stop when you leave the field of play…” That’s why Oakley have also designed the Icon streetwear collection, combining sharp, sporty designs with all the quality you expect of Oakley products.Even Hollywood has discovered the joys of Oakley accessories, featuring them in a number of Blockbuster films. Oakley sunglasses have turned up in films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Blade II, Mission: Impossible and X-men, to name but a few, making their stars look that little bit cooler than they already are.You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re a sports enthusiast looking for a pair of quality sunglasses that both look good and perform well, or an up and coming Hollywood star - Oakley have everything you need, from outfit to accessories, and you can find it all at Blue Tomato.