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Lurking Class

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Lurking Class – Deranged but damn good

Is this art or is it on its way out? This question may have come up more than once when first setting eyes on the label's hot new hoodies, T-shirt and jackets and their crazy prints. The answer is simple: it's staying! Sketchy Tank is the name of the artist behind the label with whom he shares his name. In his own words, his art doesn't suit everybody's taste, but we like it like that. The illustrator and designer attracts attention with his eccentric art and arouses more than like-minded emotions with his rebellious nature.

A folder full of trash – Lurking Class‘ Vision

The story began with a harmless folder entitled 'the sketchy tank' on the artist's computer. Any disturbing and distressing pictures bouncing about on the 'net found their way into the once named sketchy tank folder. Ugly tattoos and trashy people doing even more trashy things were all to be found there, alongside skateboarding , surfing and unpretentious art .With a gigabyte of shocking shots and more, the artist decided it was time to share the folder with the world. The website of this skewed picture collection became increasingly more popular... and a brand was born. And, with ever more popularity, the first T-shirts and tank tops followed. Original graphics and illustrations by Lurking Class personally adorn the trendy garments.

Normal is for the masses

Lurking Class can't be put in a drawer with other brands, or labelled as 'normal'. The unique and imaginative graphics have a common goal: 'Disturbing the comfortable, comforting the disturbed'.Lurking Class‘ illustrations adorn T-Shirts, tank tops, hoodies and Women's and Men's Jackets. The Streetwear Collection stay true to the motto is 'less is more'. The brand may rely on classic tones, such as black , grey and white , but it does not skimp on its disturbingly stylish prints.Many other brands have recognised the brand's potential. Vans is one of them. Lurking Class has found its way onto the sneakers of the mother of all sneaker brands.Just the thing for all those who don't take life too seriously and stay true to themselves. So, all the fun-makers, beer-drinkers and tattoo fans among you have found yourselves in the perfect place.