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Hurley - From the Beach to the Streets

Hurley is a brand built on the basis of a love for the ocean and its constant state of change. Deeply rooted in beach culture, the brand want to make dreams come true for the youth of today and draw inspiration from music and art. They place a strong focus on the freedom and happiness of the individual.

From Billabong USA to Hurley International

Hurley's roots go way back to the South Californian surf industry of the late 70's. Hurley Surfboards was created in Costa Mesa in 1979 and was doing well into the early 80's with Bob Hurley shaping surfboards for some of the best surfers in the world and making a name for himself on the scene.It was in the mid 80's that Bob took notice of Billabong's long, punk rock boardshorts and, alongside his manager, established Billabong USA , taking control of design, sourcing, marketing and financing for the American market.In 1995 , they noticed a change in the consumer market, a shift in trends that encompassed fashion, skate, snow, music and art as well as surfing. With the internet putting more power into consumers' hands, they realised it was time to reconsider what it meant to be a surf brand and by 1998 the team had decided that what they wanted to achieve did not necessarily line up with the aims of Billabong on a global scale. They gave up their license on good terms and created Hurley International, a lifestyle brand that was no longer limited to surfing, but which could explore the entire beach culture scene and provide something new and exciting; making them the brand they are today.

Streetwear: From Tops to Shirts to Shorts

Like a refreshing sea breeze for your wardrobe, Hurley's collection of unbelievably comfy t-shirts , tank tops, hoodies, jackets and pants and features some of the freshest designs you're likely to find. Whether women's skinny jeans or a fresh pair of colourful boardshorts for men or women, you'll look great both on and off the beach with Hurley. Their collection is perfect for style conscious surfers and demanding skaters alike and looks just as good in the bars as on the beach or in the park. From more understated simple styles to striking colours and designs, the Hurley range has something to suit any lifestyle.A range of beanies, caps, wallets, handbags and other accessories are also available to complement any outfit and, since having been taken over by Nike , finding the matching footwear is a breeze - talk about head-to-toe style! Don't worry though, Hurley have stayed true to their surf roots and instead just benefit from all of Nike's technology, such as Nike Free™ soles, Spacer Mesh™ and Dri-Fit™ tech which can be found in their collaborative products. Hurley's passion for beach culture remains unchanged.

Surfwear - Back to Hurley's Roots

Hurley's core surf line is just as rad as ever, even after 30 years. As you would expect they have a wide range of wetsuits for every temperature, as well as backpacks in all different shapes and sizes so you can take everything with you on your next surf trip. If your skateboard's coming with you on your adventure, just strap it on - no man gets left behind!Ride the Hurley Wave and bring Californian beach culture to your doorstep. With Hurley, every day is summer - find a huge selection from the current surf and streetwear collections in the Blue Tomato Online Store and shops.