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Alloy Raw 5.5" Truck

Tensor Alloy Raw 5.5" Truck

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Colour: black
Size chart
Delivery time only 3 to 5 business days
Customer service: +43 3687 2422 333
Size chart for Tensor - Skateboard Trucks

Top skateboard trucks for street and park skating.

Tensor truck size recommendation

The width of the trucks should roughly match the deck. The truck size either specifies the width of the truck itself (axle width) or the width of its hanger.

Check this table to find the recommended Tensor trucks for your skate deck.

Hanger width (inch) Truck Width (inch) Board Width (inch)
5,0" 7,625" 7,5" - 7,75"
5,25" 7,825" 7,75" - 8"
5,5" 8,125" 8" - 8,25"
5,75" 8,375" 8,25" - 8,5"
6,0" 8,625" 8,5" and larger


Skateboard truck information

We sell skateboard trucks separately. For a complete set you need two trucks. 


  • Attributes
    Low trucks for stability
  • Article number: 595756
  • Gender:
    • Men
    • Women
    • Kids
  • Truck Width: 8.1 inch
    The outer width of the truck incl. the pin that holds the wheels. The truck width should approx. match the deck width. 1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Hanger Width: 5.5 inch
    Width of the main part of the truck, without the pins. 1 inch = 2,54 cm
  • Tensor Skateboard trucks
  • Alloy Raw Series
  • Ultra light and strong
  • Smooth grinding
  • Fast turning
  • Traditional Aluminum Alloy









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About Tensor

Smooth rides guaranteed! Tensor uses the highest quality metals and innovative production processes to make the most lightweight and durable skateboard trucks on the market. They are so stoked with their products that they offer all their customers lifetime guarantee. If that doesn't say dedication to the sport, we don't know what does.