SP Bindings – Add more FUN-ction

 SP Bindings – Add more FUN-ction
Snowboarding never stops developing. Thankfully for us, neither will SP Bindings. The company is forever tinkering with their bindings, so they are as fun and high performance as they can be. This process has allowed SP to create park, all-mountain snowboard and even splitboard bindings.

At Blue Tomato we have a comprehensive range of SP Bindings:

  • 270A budget-friendly model for beginners and intermediates
  • Brotherhood – Top of the line freestyle performance, light and forgiving
  • sLAB MultientrySP’s flagship binding. The most refined transmission, options for entry via straps and easy entry
  • Split – Available in both Fastec and Multientry versions. The split offers both excellent value for money and performance for your next splitboard tour
  • Mountain – A modified version of the sLAB, adapted for big mountain snowboarding. Broader, more supportive straps with the easy access of the easy entry

Team Driven

SP Snowboard Bindings is a rider driven company. The talented team draws snowboarders from all over Europe and as far as Japan.

These riders influence the designs of the Bindings. The park bindings, the Brotherhood and the Core are tested extensively on the streets. The stiffer, high-performance S.Lab and Mountain Bindings are used in the most uncompromising situations. SP has also developed splitboarding bindings which have been used by pros such as our very own Blue Tomato Team Rider Mario Käppeli.

Mario Käppeli

Blue Tomato Rider and current cover star of our winter snowboard catalogue rides for SP Bindings. Mario Käpelli tests and rides the bindings all over the world on his adventures. Check out his new movie, ‘Don’t you find’, supported by SP and Blue Tomato.

Easy in. Easy Out

All SP Bindings are rear-entry. From the entry level, 270 and Private to the highest-performance FT Split and sLAB bindings.

The process is simple but effective –

  • Open up the highback lever
  • Pull down the highback
  • The auto RS system lifts the ankle strap
  • Step into the open bindin
  • Lift up the highback, close the lever
  • Tense your strap by using the auto RS lever
The idea is less time strapping in and more time riding. So when your friends are sitting, strapping and wasting time, you can get going with your riding. The easy-in system ensures you are ready. With one movement you open, step in and close the bindings.

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