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headwear garage startup, inspired by Brit punk band, The Clash

A clean collaboration of three friends creating limited edition designs fuelled by their culture, music taste and the people that surround them. Formed in 2004, as a garage headwear startup (whose name was inspired by the British punk band, The Clash) had humble beginnings . Their practice was always to make timeless pieces that were high quality and limited that you will cherish for years to come .

Gap for some caps

Founders David Stoddard, Jason Young and Mike Chapin were all formal employers of the extreme sports giant, TransWorld Media , where they saw a break in the market for their headwear designs. Originally launching with hats , Brixton expanded into jackets, wovens, and tees whilst still being a young company the range will continue to grow. A touch of surf rubs off on the aesthetics through part of the lifestyle the trio grew up in although, there is a lean towards a skate style too. This is not a deliberate development but has naturally resonated within these communities. The brand remains to aim to be diverse and not to stereotype themselves nor other as anyone one thing.