Atomic – We are skiing

That might seem like a brazen boast, but if any ski company has the grounds to make it, Atomic is the one. As the single largest manufacturer of alpine skis, boots and bindings in the world Atomic Skis are certainly a big hitter in the world of skiing. Born in 1955 in the Austrian Alps and currently based close to Blue Tomato in Altenmarkt, the brand lives, breathes and dreams skiing.

Skis for all disciplines

You might assume considering Atomic’s location and history, that they would be entirely focused on the racing and alpine side of skiing. However, they have one of the sickest ranges of backcountry and freestyle skis as well. The Backland Bent Chetler is one of the best powder skis in the world, constantly helping you expand your horizons when skiing powder. The Punx has won countless X-Games medals for men and women and even landed silver at the Sochi Olympics. The Infamous, from the mind of Jossi Wells, playfully reinvents what is possible skiing park and in the streets.

Atomic Ski technologies

  • HRZN Tech – found on the Backland Bent Chetler and the Backland FR skis, HRZN tech is a revolutionary horizontal rocker in the tip and tails of the ski. This adds 10% more surface area to the tip and tail of the ski without increasing swing weight.
  • Carbon Backbone – Atomic Insert an ultra-lightweight carbon insert through the length of the ski to act as a stabilizing backbone. This adds no extra weight but dramatically improves edge hold and agility.
  • Light Woodcore – The Backland FR skis, the Backland Bent Chetler and the Infamous are all made Atomic’s light woodcore. This poplar core saves the ski weight without sacrificing any stability or shock absorption.
  • Stomp Sidecut – Both the Punx and Infamous skis are straighter at the tips with a tighter radius under foot for stability and predictable landings.

Comfortable High-Performance Ski Boots

To Compliment their excellent skis, Atomic has an equally impressive line of Ski boots. The Waymaker range brings comfort and performance to the hike and ride boot category and the Hawx has the legendary Atomic medium fit. One thing is certain with Atomic ski boots is that you’ll have warm feet, each model in the men’s and women’s line has Thinsulate™ making sure your toes are nice and toasty.

Atomic Boot Technologies

  • Memory Fit – In the Hawx, Redster Pro and Backland boot ranges, the boots have a heat-moldable shells and liners meaning that you can get a personalized fit in 10 minutes.
  • Free/Lock System – The Waymaker Boots have the Free/Lock System, unlocking the cuff from the shell for easier walking, entry and exit from the boots.
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation – All Atomic Ski boots we stock have 3M Thinsulate Insulation, keeping your toes super toasty and comfortable

Great Bindings from the Park to the Powder

With their great alpine skiing heritage, you can be sure that Atomic bindings are as reliable as any. The tracker, warden and STH bindings offer great reliability, power transmission and performance. At Blue tomato, we stock the three freeskiing bindings from Atomic

  • Warden MNC – With its oversized platform and U power toe, the Warden has great freeskiing performance. The binding has a super wide mounting pattern which works brilliantly with wider and park skis. The binding is MNC (Multi Norm Compatible) so that it can take any normed sole unit on the market, meaning that you can use your touring or WTR boots in the binding
  • STH 2 – The STH has legendary freeskiing pedigree, the steel housing is super durable and able to take a beating. The WTR compatible sole has a wide mounting pattern for wider skis.
  • Tracker MNC Bindings – Combining the stable and powerful toe and heel pieces of the warden MNC binding with a tourable frame the Tracker is the best of both worlds. As a freeride tour binding, the Tracker has good performance on the way up with tool less switching and climbing aids, then really shines on the way down with maximum power transfer and performance. 

At Blue Tomato, we stock a comprehensive range of Atomic Skis, Boots, Bindings, Poles, Helmets and Goggles for men, women and children.
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