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Delivery type & -costs

We offer you the following shipping options:

Collect in store

You can collect your order, free of charges, in one of our shops by simply selecting your desired shop location in the step ‘delivery’ of the ordering process. As soon as your goods are ready for pick-up, you will be notified via e-mail. You may, of course, still try on the goods and choose not to buy them.

The following shops are available for pick-up ordering:

Here you can find an overview of all our shops.

Shipping Options

DHL Express World Flatrate

This is a special tariff for orders sent outside of the EU and outside of Europe! The DHL Express costs for your order, calculated according to its weight, are shown in your shopping cart online. In addition to weight also the volume weight plays an important role in the air cargo. Therefore large articles that need a lot of space (e.g. large suitcases, surfboards etc.) are assessed at a higher weight. So the DHL Express costs for large articles can not be calculated exactly in advance. Please contact our Customer Service for further information.

DHL Express World Flatrate Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
Less then 5 kg € 40,- € 50,- € 75,-
From 5 kg € 60,- € 75,- € 75,-
From 10 kg € 80,- € 100,- € 150,-
From 15 kg € 100,- € 125,- € 150,-
From 20 kg € 120,- € 150,- € 225,-
From 30 kg € 140,- € 175,- € 300,-
Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
  •   Canada
  •   Mexico
  •   USA
  •   Argentina
  •   Azerbaijan
  •   Australia
  •   Egypt
  •   Chile
  •   China
  •   Georgia
  •   Guadeloupe
  •   Hong Kong
  •   India
  •   Israel
  • Japan
  •   Qatar
  •   Colombia
  •   New Zealand
  •   Oman
  •   Saudi Arabia
  •   Singapore
  •   South Africa
  •   South Korea
  •   Turkey
  •   Venezuela
  •   United Arab Emirates
  •   Brazil
  •   Martinique

FedEx Economy

FedEx Economy is another delivery option for several countries and areas. The delivery takes longer, appr. 7-8 working days but it is cheaper and the best option for big products like snowboards or freeskis, as the shipping fees don't depend on the weight.

FedEx   Iceland   Greenland    Faroe Islands   Liechtenstein
Under € 200,- order value € 20,- € 30,- € 30,- € 15,-
More then 200€ order value € 10,- € 20,- € 20,- € 5,-
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When purchasing your order online with a non-EU shipping address, all products are displayed without VAT. These orders are sent with DHL. They will issue you then with an import customs bill when the order arrives in your country.


All countries have different customs duties so we cannot say exactly what this figure will be. The delivery service will take care of the import and paperwork for you.
We cannot account for overdue customs taxes! Please inform yourself about the customs duties in your country.


In case that your package gets lost on the way to you, you will get a full refund from DHL.