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Do you want to buy a new skateboard deck? At Blue Tomato you can enjoy the best advice, a huge selection and the top quality.

Skateboard deck are not all created equally. They are different in Length width and concave. How your skateboard performs can depend on the shape, materials and construction.

For core skaters, the graphics are also super important. You’ll find something for every taste here. Regardless of what’s important to you in skateboard deck: Blue Tomato caters for every taste.

Skateboard decks at Blue Tomato

If you have any questions left after reading through this text, then our Skateboard Buyer’s Guide will help you. Here we break down everything about decks, trucks, wheels and bearings as well as longboards. If you want a personal touch, you can head to one of our Blue Tomato Shops or contact our customer service. We look forwards to hearing from you.

Tried and trusted maple wood construction

When it comes to materials, there is only one tried and tested type of wood – maple. It is robust and stable, both quality essential for modern skateboards. Normally there are seven layers laminated together with epoxy resin. Some companies use a further eighth layer for extra stability and durability.

Strong to the core – high-tech skate decks

Research and development for skateboard decks isn’t over yet. To make decks even more durable and long-lasting brands are always looking for new and better materials. Sant Cruz and Element are at the forefront of developing new materials and methods. They use composite materials from fibreglass and carbon fibre to reinforce your decks for even more durability.

The right width

While in snowboarding your height and weight goes a long way to determine your board’s length, in skating, it’s much simpler. Skateboard decks are usually around 31.5 inches long (around 80 cm). The width is much more important: it ranges between 7.5“ (19 cm) and 9.0” (21 cm). Your shoe size is also a determining factor. If you have larger feet (Eu 44 and up), then you need a wider deck.

Narrow decks for tricks

Street, park, bowl or pipe and cruisers - every type of skating requires its own width and shape. Narrow decks between 7.5” and 8” are for street skating. They are great for flip tricks and are agile.


If you prefer mini ramp and parks sessions, you want a deck to do everything. Decks which are around 8“ are great all-rounders.

Wider skateboards

If you prefer to cruise around in half-pipes, mini ramps and bowls, you should buy a skateboard deck wider than 8.5".

Concave – it’s the little details which count

The curvature between the two edges of your skateboard is called the concave. There are low, medium and high concaves. A low concave is stable and fun in bowls, half-pipes and mini ramps. The medium concave is the most versatile. It flips easily but is still stable for mini ramps and half-pipes. If you want a deck for flips tricks and street skating, then a high concave is perfect for you.