Sunglasses – The most important summer accessory

Whether in summer or winter, there’s nothing betterthan enjoying the fresh air outside and soaking up the sun under clear skies.
But to feel truly carefree in the sun, you need the right protection –sunscreen and a cool pair of sunglasses.
Sunglasses are more than just a great accessory; they also protect your eyesfrom the sun’s harmful rays! Blue Tomatohas a huge selection of super cool sunnies to make sure you’re always perfectlystyled and protected. Oakley,Vans, Quiksilver and Spy are just a few of the brands you may come across inyour search for the perfect shades.

Frames – Every shape, size and colour under the sun!

Are you a fan of crazy colourful shades or you preferclassic, simple sunglasses that will match anything? Do you like metal or syntheticframes? Would you choose cornered shapes or smooth, round glasses? With all thematerials, shapes and colours out there, it’s difficult to choose!
It all comes down to personal taste, but there are afew guidelines that can help you find the best sunglasses for you.
People withround or oval face shapes may prefer frames with corners, whereas anyone with astrong jawline or longer face will tend to go for round frames.

So when it comes to deciding between Wayfarers orAviators, your choice should be based on the comfort and quality ofthe sunglasses. Adjustable nose pads help avoid uncomfortable pressure pointsand removable screws help you fix or exchange the arms of your sunglasses ifthey ever break or bend.

Finding the right lens – Colours and functions

Movingon to the most important part of your sunglasses – the lenses: you should firstconsider what you would like to use your sunglasses for. Brown and grey are safechoices that can be used in almost any weather. Colours like orange or yellow are better for cloudy and changing conditions or for sports.

The VLT Rating - Visible Light Transmission

VLT rates the transparencyof your lenses, giving you a general idea of which sunglasses are mostsuitable for certain activities. The higher the rating, the more lightpenetrates the lenses, making them better suited for cloudy conditions.
If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that willstill give you great vision even in poor or changing weather conditions, youshould consider polarized or photochromatic lenses.

Modern lens properties


  • Filters reflectionsout of the light spectrum
  • Prevents lightreflexes and glare
  • Perfect for water,snow or long car journeys


  • Lenses adjust tolight conditions
  • Lenses automaticallydarken in strong sunlight and lighten in cloudy weather

Sunglasses for sports – which features do you need?

Sports sunglasses should be made of syntheticmaterials. This protectsyour from getting glass splinters in your eyes in case you fall and break thelenses.
It is worth looking at unbreakable frames and lenses, such as those offered by Glorify, if you are planning to use your sunglasses in roughconditions. The sunglasses from their SPORTstyle collection are very easy totake apart using a click system. And nothing will happen if you accidentallysit on your sunglasses!

Sportssunglasses don’t only need to offer plenty of UV protection, but also a good weather protection. In order to preventteary eyes, they should sit close to the face. We only want to see tears of joywhen you’re downhill biking, jogging and doing other sports!

Beach and mountain – why UV protection is so important

If you think that theonly function of sunglasses is to look good, think again! Snow reflects about50 % - 95 % of harmful UVB rays (depending on how dirty it is). Light-colouredsand reflects about 15 % and water around 5 %.
These rays canquickly lead to skin and eye damage if not well protected. That means that youshould always choose sunglasses with a 400-CEUV label if you are going to be staying in the sun or at the beach.
You can rest assuredthat all of the sunglasses in our shop meet the highest safety standards!

Cleaning and care – take care of your shades!

There’s nothing worse than getting your first scratchon an expensive pair of sunglasses. In order to avoid this, you should takespecial care while cleaning your sunglasses. Do not wipe them with yourt-shirt; wait until you are at home and rinse them under running water toremove all dirt and dust. Then wipe them with a clean microfiber towel with outward movements. That way, you can enjoy along-lasting pair of sunglasses from BlueTomato!