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Customer account

A Blue Tomato customer account comes with many advantages:

  • Ordering is faster and easier thanks to a quicker checkout process 
  • Payment and delivery details are filled in automatically
  • Delivery and billing addresses are saved and can be changed easily
  • Overview of all your previous and current orders
  • Wishlist for your favorite products



  • My overview: On the overview page your data and settings are displayed. From here, you can navigate all areas of your account.
  • My addresses: If you have more than one address, you can save and edit them here. The next time you order, all you have to do is select the address that you want your products to be delivered to.
  • My orders: All orders that you have placed with us are saved here. You can also see the current status of pending orders.
  • My newsletter: Here you can subscribe to or unsubscribe from our newsletter.
  • My shop: If you select your favourite shop here, you will see the in-shop availability of each product directly on the product page.