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Best price guarantee

Providing top-quality products at great prices is our highest priority. To show you that we really mean it, we offer the Blue Tomato best price guarantee:

If you find another company offering the same product you bought from us, but for a cheaper price, within 5 days of receiving our bill, you have two possibilities:

  • Either we’ll transfer the difference in price to your account,
  • Or we’ll take the article back.

The best price guarantee also counts if you found another company that is selling products we offer for less than us, before ordering it from us. Simply send us an e-mail with a link to the offer. Once we’ve checked out this offer and everything is okay, you can buy that product from us for the cheaper price.

The only condition for the best price guarantee is that the seller’s headquarters are within the EU and they also have the exact size, color and modell you wish to order.
Sometimes it happens that a product is labeled with a cheaper price on the Blue Tomato online shop than it is in our catalogue. If this is the case, of course we’ll bill you the cheaper price.


  • The best price guarantee does not apply to private sales, auction platforms, bankruptcy sales, or other non-ordinary sources.
  • The best price guarantee is valid for shops within the EU whose local currency is the Euro and who ships within other EU countries.
  • Promotional vouchers are not accepted with the Best Price Guarantee
  • The price we compare with consists of the price of the item plus the shipping costs of the cheaper (web) shop.