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K2 X Tony Hawk X Birdhouse Collaboration

Are you looking for a true allrounder snowboard? Or rather a freestyle mashine? K2, Birdhouse and Tony Hawk got together to design the ultimate graphic for a limited series design of K2's Party Platter and Afterblack Snowboard. And that's not even the best yet: You can get a free K2 x Tony Hawk x Birdhouse skate deck on top of your purchase!

What a combination! The renowned snowboard- and skate brands K2 and Birdhouse joined forces with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to release a special design on two of their most-wanted boards: The Party Platter and the Afterblack.

About the Snowboards

As the name says it already, the Party Platter will please many tastes of snowboarding. With this board, there is no specific riding style attached, it is your companion for slashing berms, laying down carves, and plowing your way through tigh deep powder.

The Afterblack will make your freestyle heart beat faster, specializing in night missions, huge airs, and promises to come through in the clutch to give you the confidence to give it one more go.

And what about the skate deck?

As promised, the fresh graphic printed on the Party Platter and the Afterblack snowboard will be accompanied by the release of a skate deck with the matching design. The Birdhouse deck is in regular size and not available in stores, and therefore an extremely limited combination of the brands K2 X Tony Hawk X Birdhouse.

How can you save yourself this unique skate deck?

When buying a K2 X Tony Hawk X Birdhouse Party Platter or Afterblack snowboard in combination with a pair of K2 bindings of your choice together in one purchase at any online or offline store in Europe, you'll receive a free K2 x Tony Hawk X Birdhouse skate deck. Simply visit the website or scan the QR Code provided by K2 and enter your details, confirm the terms & conditions and upload a picture of the receipt of your purchase (no personal information needs to be shown). After you have completed the registration K2 will send our your fresh skate deck!

Last date of entry: 31.01.2022
Only while supplies last.

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