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Line Miner Mystic Flow Neon Orange

Oakley Line Miner Mystic Flow Neon Orange

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The Line Miner™ goggle was created with the purpose of providing the ultimate in peripheral version. With a cylindrical style design. Oakley designed it in a way that makes the goggle pull closer to your face than ever before, resutling in incredible downward and side-to-side periphery, Discreet frame notches at temples provide compatibility with most prescription eyewear. This is the only goggle available with the new Prizm™ Inferno lens technology option.

Prizm™ Snow Torch Iridium Lens 
Prizm™ is a revolutionary lens technology that enhances contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions. These lenses have been engineered to help you perform over a wider range of lighting conditions, reducing the need to switch lenses as lighting conditions change. Iridium® lens coatings allow you to tune transmission for specific light conditions. Each lens coating is specifically formulated for optimum balance between glare, reflection, light transmission, and absorption.A neutral, grey base lens tint in red-orange with a mirrored finish is ideal for medium to bright light.

  • Filter category: 3
  • Lichtdurchlässigkeit: 17 %


  • sunny, partly cloudy
  • Article number: 535305
  • Light Transmission (%): 17 Percent
    What percentage of visible light passes through the lense, a higher percentage is perfect for low light conditions and a lower percentage is better for bluebird days.
  • Goggle Features:
    • Cylindrical lens
    • Over the glasses fit
  • Goggle Fit: Large
  • Lens Coating: Mirrored
  • Men's goggles by Oakley 
  • Great downward and side-to-side periphery 
  • Discreet frame notches at temples provide compatibility with most prescription eyewear, without compromising fit
  • Removable triple-layer face foam provides added wind protection
  • Removable strap included

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About Oakley

Kicking off in 1975, Oakley quickly went on to become one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world. With over 800 patents to their name, they sure know what they are doing when it comes to lens technology. Sporting a pair of Oakley's will not only give you perfect protection from weather and wind, it will give you a solid high-five from any snow or surf sport enthusiast around.