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Join the Colourful world of Stance


Why live a dull day when you could make it vibrant? We live in a world with a huge variance of colours and shapes, so there is no excuse for boredom. Stance has seen a gap in the sock market for a niche of creating beautifully unique prints adorned with colourful patterns in the unbelievably comfortable material. Since 2010, Stance has taken the lead in supplying the world with these special pairs adding a splash of colour to our everyday lives.
The brand is involved in a creative community and works closely with the faces of the company, the "Punks and Poets." The “Punks and Poets” are artists of all genres, athletes and performers who make stance what they are today. Offensive, but at the same time, enchanting with a rebellious touch.

Original socks for all

Whether you can call Stance socks just a pair of socks is controversial because every pair is a piece of art. The choice of colour combinations, patterns and ideas vary that much that it can be mesmerising. There’s a choice of different models with differing length and thickness as well as materials such as cotton, Seacell or Merino so you are prepared for different activities and seasons. Stance also offers a range of popular technical socks for all your planned and unplanned adventures.

Broadening horizons: Men’s Boxershorts

Alongside socks, Stance also design Boxershorts for men with the same motto: conspicuous, colourful and extremely comfortable the underwear are made from skin friendly Butterblend fabric which is an antibacterial milk protein fibre. Thanks to a feather seam construction, the seams do not rub and the waist does not intersect adding to wearer’s content. With three different styles:

  • The Mercato- the classic wide boxer short
  • The Basilone- a close-fitting short with a side opening
  • The Wholester- With a built-in support pouch for added comfort

“Comfortably wild, Wildly comfortable”

Stance offers products of the highest quality, with an eye and appreciation for good design. Characterised by the small Stance logo, each piece of distinguishable from a mile off. With these items, you can give your individuality the finishing touch.